DJI Innovations Live Launch Event 2015

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DJI Innovations today announced a live launch event for a new product to be held in London, UK on the 8th April 2015 at 4.30pm. RC Geeks will of course be attending and we will update this blog with launch information as it’s released. The trailer for their launch event, titled “Evolve Again” is shown below. With a name like this we can only assume they will announce the evolution of an existing product, but we would not be surprised if there are a number of releases announced.

What to expect from the Live Launch Event

It has not yet been announced what DJI will be showing at the live launch event in London, UK. However several people are anticipating that this could be a launch event for a Phantom 3 quadcopter, following on from the popular Phantom 2. However there also suggestions that there could be other products, such as new cameras for the DJI Inspire or even new hand held gimbals.

RC Geeks will update this blog with launch information as it’s released. We hope to bring you information such as UK prices, release dates, features, flight times, technical specifications and any information on new products in the aerial photography or gimbal stabilisation category.

RC Geeks at the launch of the Phantom 2 Vision+

Predictions blog created in October 2014 that made a wish list of 5 of the features that may be appearing on a new generation Phantom. We still do not know if any of these will be on the Phantom 3, however I’m sure there will some surprises from DJI which we are very much looking forward to.

Live Streaming Here

Watch the live streaming of the event here on the RC Geeks blog below once it the feed is available.

Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to comment below with any questions you may have on the live launch at any point, we will do our best to find answer to any questions on the releases and can even put your questions forward to DJI directly..



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