DJI Innovations Inspire 1 Release Information

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It all started with “leaked” images online, claiming to be a new DJI release, code-named “Triumph”. They showed what looked like a full HD video link, combined with some kind of aircraft that took a 6S lipo battery and had settings for a 4K camera.

Triumph 1


Triumph 2

DJI confirmed these were real photos and that they are working on a new product.

DJI has now started to release teaser videos starting to show what we have been waiting for. It looks like the name Triumph was a code name for what is now called Inspire 1.


Teaser 1

It seems DJI are going to do a live-launch (Apple style) for the Inspire 1 and broadcast the feed on YouTube.

If you hadn’t already worked out, this product is now available and is available to see here.



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