Absima EP Mini Racer 1/32 Big Foot RTR Blue

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  • Great for beginners & hobbyists
  • Absima - Fantastic price & performance
  • 1/32 Scale - 2WD
  • RTR - Includes battery & charger
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The little speedster actually manages up to 25km/h and that with a length of only 12cm! So much power at this size must also be able to be controlled. Therefore, the small, handy remote control has 2 gears (low and high speed) and the throttle is proportional to operate. Thus, slow, controlled drives as well as wild burnouts can be mastered. Great fun for the living room! Through the 2.4GHz radio technology, up to 8 vehicles can be operated simultaneously.

Changes Compare To Our 1st Generation:

  • Charging ports changed to Micro USB
  • Chassis geometry changed for even better handling


  • Scale: 1/32
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Proportional speed control
  • 2-Speed (Low- und High-Speed) switchable through remote control
  • 2.4GHz radio technology
  • 2 LED front lights
  • Shock resistant material
  • Wheels with rubber treads
  • Full-suspension chassis
  • Adjustable straight tracking


  • Charging time approx. 20-30 minutes / Driving time approx. 15 Minutes
  • Vehicle size L/W/H: 12 x 8,5 x 5,5 cm

Inside The Box:

  • 1/32 RC car with built-in battery
  • Remote control
  • USB charging cable
  • Manual


  • 2x AA batteries for remote control

  • Please note the battery is built-in. It is important to charge the car after use and switch it off after use.