Polar Pro Mavic 3 Classic Circular Polarizer

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A CP filter is a landscape photographer's most sought-after camera accessory as it helps bring contrast and vivid, natural saturation to a photograph.

Normally, a CP is used for landscape compositions featuring water, snow, ice, blue skies, and foliage as it can help darken the sky, remove reflections, and reduce unwanted glare from the scene. 

Hallmarked with the industry-leading CinemaSeries™ glass, each filter is constructed to last and backed by AdventureAssurance™.

Features & Spec

  • Precisely engineered for the DJI Mavic 3 Classic.
  • Includes CP filter + magnetic hard case.
  • Lightweight aluminium frame design.
  • CinemaSeries™ Glass - Features a low refractive index, colour neutrality, and perfect target transmission
  • AdventureAssurance™