Sphero Mini – Hands On Review

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Sphero Mini

Since the success of the BB-8 droid, Sphero have released the Sphero Mini – a smaller, cheaper, non-Star Wars related version that is almost a third of the price of the BB-8 which makes it a great gift idea for those on a lower budget. We got our hands on one to test it out and see how if how much fun it has to offer.

What is the Sphero Mini?

The Sphero mini is a ping pong size, remote control, robotic ball. Using your smart phone or tablet, you can control the Sphero Mini using various methods (I’ll touch on this shortly) and you have access to 3 different action packed virtual games in the app.

4 Different Drive Modes

There are 4 different ways of controlling the Sphero Mini.

Joystick – Touch and drag your finger around your screen to control the bots speed and direction.

Face Drive – Use face recognition to drive! Smile to go forward, lean to the sides or pull a sad face to go backward. Although not the most practical or reliable way, to control your rolling ball of fun, it’s sure to get some laughs from the people watching you use it.

Tilt – Possibly the most intuitive method. Tilt your phone or tablet in the direction that you want to move the ball. The further you tilt it, the faster it goes.

Slingshot – Just like a real slingshot, touch and pull back on the screen to give a burst of power. Pull back further to add power to your shot.


Up To A Challenge?

The Sphero Mini comes with a set of mini rubber traffic cones and pins so you can have a game of bowling of get creative and make obstacle courses to challenge your family and friends.


3 In-App Games

Inside the Sphero Mini app you can play 3 different games of which you can use your robot as a game controller. This means you don’t have to have floor space to be able to enjoy your new toy. You can take it in the car to play with on a road trip or take it with you on the train on your commute to work.

Sphero-Mini-Games-Round-Trip-Lightspeed-Drifter-Exile 2


You can expect about 45 minutes of play time with a full charge. Then to recharge it, all you have to do is pop off the outer shell and plug in he micro USB (provided in the box), it will then light up and take about an hour to charge.

Affordable Gift

Coming in at just £49.98,  the Sphero mini is a good bang for your buck as far as tech gifts go. You also don’t have to worry about having to buy batteries or extra accessories for it as everything you need comes provided in the box.


Colour range

Got a favourite colour or want to differentiate your rolling robot from the rest? The Sphero Mini shells comes in Green, Blue, Pink, Orange and White. Want two of the same colour but don’t want to get confused as to who’s is who’s when playing together? Using the settings in the app, you can easily change the colour of the LED inside of the robot.



Packed with this much fun and at a great price point, the Sphero Mini will deffinielty be a popular gift for Christmas and Birthdays this year.

If you want one or know someone that will, you can pick your up from our online store today.




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