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These are definitely not the ride on cars you remember from your childhood! Gone are hard plastic bucket seats, fake lights and chrome wheels sticking out the side of a bizarre unrecognisable shape. Now its all about cruising in comfort, strapped into a leather trimmed throne pumping your favourite tunes in a scaled down ‘replica’ of daddies ‘benz! Have a browse below to learn how your son or daughter could become the envy of all their (and your) friends!

What is a ride on car?

A ride on car is a sit-and-ride self-propelled toy scaled down for young children. They feature batteries and motors to propel them along, controlled by functional steering wheels, gear shifters and accelerator pedals. They are suitable from toddler age right up to children around 5 years old but always under the supervision of a parent. Whilst they do require some assembly, they produce zero emissions, have no road tax costs and are congestion charge exempt ūüėÄ

Top of the line, fully loaded, huge-spec cars

Many ride on cars are based on generic car designs, or bad clones of modern motors. The models you see here are properly licensed using the genuine manufacturer branding and legitimate model badging.¬†With ‘cute’ almost caricature scale styling, they have all the qualities of the full size originals such as the radiator grilles, wing mirrors and wheels but produced in kid-friendly proportions.

Ride On Cars R8 and Mercedes more than you can afford

They utilise 12v power systems¬†with 7Ah batteries make them more powerful than the run-of-the-mill models you will find on the high street or in catalogue shops. Note that the included charger is a trickle ‘overnight’ type that can take up to 15 hours to refill a completely discharged battery. Select models even feature stereo systems with USB, aux or even memory card inputs to play your children’s favourite tunes!

Each feature detailed headlight and rear light clusters that light up when the car is running. Many are fitted with rubber tyres, offering superior grip to their hollow plastic counterparts, and less likely to damage expensive home flooring. Lastly they come with RC remote transmitters, allowing parents to safely stop or control the fun at a distance. Note that all of the cars listed in this article will require some assembly, including push fitting the wheels, installing the windscreens and locating the seats at a minimum. Lets take a closer look at the advantages of each of our launch models:

Ride On Cars R8 and Mercedes racing front

Audi R8 Spyder

Based on the design of the second generation Audi R8, the ride on spyder is a great looking car. Up front the streamlined bonnet is headed by the four chrome rings of the Audi badge. The styling is true to the original, the vanity plate mounted to the large grille with a small quattro badge above it.

On the inside is a leather-effect soft cushioned seat with white pipping, faux eyelets and pincushion details. Across the seat base is a simple adjustable lap belt to keep younger children in place. The plastic floor is textured for grip and has a large accelerator pedal offset to the right.

The dashboard mounted steering wheel is textured with Audi-logos. It sits in the centre of the decorated dashboard with a red ‘push to start‘ button to the right. On start up, faux engine revving noises are played through the stereo. To the left is the in car entertainment system¬†pre-programmed with 3 spoken children’s stories, 6 music stations, 2 ballad stations; All volume adjustable between 0 and 30 levels. Aux inputs to the radio include USB, microSD and 3.5mm jack. The radio display also doubles as a built in voltmeter to keep an eye on the battery charge level.

The car has fully-operational hinged doors with carbon fibre effect wingmirrors (with hologram repeater reflector detail and faux mirrored stickers) with moulded interior details on the inside. Down on the inside of the right-hand door sill is a high/low speed selector switch. In front of this is the two position gear-style shifter for changing between forward/reverse.

The rear deck has a nicely detailed engine lid with mesh and air intakes. Large stylised intakes are also found on the doors like on the real car. Below this is a detailed rear splitter above which sits an Audi R8 Spyder vanity plate. The four chrome rings sit centrally on the rear honeycomb mesh, framed by the two rear led light clusters, a chromed R8 badge sat between them.

Under the hood this model has undergone a ‘rear wheel drive conversion’ with motors each side. The gloss black multi-spoke wheels are wrapped in plastic tyres with detailed tread. Note that the charge port on this car is below the seat lip.

The Audi R8 Spyder ride on¬†is available in yellow as shown or¬†in a ‘gucci’ white body colour over on our webstore.

Mercedes S63

The S63 ride on has already proved a hot seller in our seasonal sales with the powerful pink paint prevailing!

This being one of the more economical ride on cars, it does not have opening doors, so children are required to climb over the sides, the door-handles and door-card details are for decoration only. However this is still a quality model with a plethora of pretty details from the detailed leather-effect seat with lap belt to the chrome exhaust tips.

The dashboard (tucked behind a tinted windscreen) conceals the charge port behind a flap on the far left. The instrument binnacle itself is a blue backlit sticker. The dashboard controls with radio, high-beam toggle, push to start button and gearstick (with drive, neutral and reverse positions) controls mount alongside chrome faux air vents.

Much like the R8 in-car entertainment, the benz has a radio with aux input, micro sd card and usb inputs. Comes pre programmed with a selection of child appropriate audio tracks but without the finely adjustable volume control. The display doubles as a voltmeter when not interacted with.

Kids steer the model via the detailed steering wheel (with its two working buttons for horn and radio mode cycle) and accelerate via the sole pedal on the texture floor. The single speed motor powers the rear wheels, just like the real thing.

The model is covered in chrome details with V8 badging on wings, Mercedes bonnet badge, grille with three pointed star logo, sill strips and exhaust tips. This is on-top of the mesh grille and black front splitter and AMG vanity plate. Body coloured folding wing mirrors feature a repeater style detail and a blue tinted reflective sticker on the flipside.

The 20-spoke silver wheels with AMG centre caps sit over faux brake discs and large red brake calipers. Detailed LED hadlights and tail light clusters (with working reverse lights that turn on when reverse gear is selected) finish off a nicely detailed model.

The Mercedes S63 Ride On Car is available in Pink or white as shown, but also black.

Lamborghini Aventador SV

The Lambo SuperVeloce (SV) is probably our favourite of the new ride-ons. With its strong geometric lines, the Aventador looks still looks futuristic and powerful. its party piece has to be the hydraulically operated scissor doors, actioned from the interior lever. With the seatbelt locked in you can even drive around with these in the open position for that full ‘rap video’ look.

Inside this car features a leather effect twin-seat (designed for one child) with three point harness style seatbelt, twin logo’d headrests and red stripe detailing. Below this is the high/low speed switch and charging port.

The interior is fantastically detailed with carbon effect door cards and dashboard, red faux door pulls, working door latches and more. The side windows on these doors are tinted to match the windscreen. The detailed plastic steering wheel features a Lamborghini logo and working buttons (horn on right and cycle radio stations on the left). Aside from this is the detailed back-lit sticker clad pictorial dashboard with a three position gear stick alongside the switch for the running lights. Note that this model shares the same in-car entertainment system as the Mercedes S63.

Whilst it shares the detailed ‘mesh style plastic’ in its bumpers , the manufacturers have built the shell out of different plastics to recreate the multifaceted bodykit of the full size car.¬†To contrast the bodywork the wing mirrors and window surrounds are finished in matte black, sills and intakes are gloss black whilst the big rear spoiler features a faux-carbon textured gloss plastic.¬†Mesh style vents behind the doors ape the full size car as does the highly detailed splitter/exhaust setup out the back of the car.

The rear deck behind the seats features a¬†black chromed ‘V12’ engine detail sat behind a clear window. External badging includes the¬†sv decals, the Lamborghini badge on the bonnet, full chrome lettering badge on the rear valence, plus a¬† ‘Roadster SV’ vanity plate on rear.

Hard compound rubber tyres are mounted to black multispoke wheels (with red hubcaps and lambo badges) and cover fake brake discs  with large red painted calipers. Detailed working LED light clusters top off what is a fantastically finished ride on!

The Lamborghini Aventador SV is available in metallic orange as pictured, as well as white and black on our webstore.

Range Rover Evoque

Available in Black as pictured as well as a gucci white finish, this fully licensed Range Rover Evoque retains the high-sided SUV styling and commanding driving position.

Much like the S63, this being one of the more economic ride on cars, it does not have opening doors, so children are required to climb over the sides. Whilst it lacks a standalone stereo system, it does have an aux input under the flap below the steering wheel allowing you to plug in an MP3 player or smartphone for tunes on the move.  Inside there is a plastic bucket seat with lap belt.

Turning the key (retained in the ignition barrel) fires up the car with revving startup sounds played from a hidden speakers. The back-lit dashboard has a series of switches including headlight toggle and RC control/manual control, plus indicator switch (that actually lights up indicators front and rear) with indicator sounds. To the right of the ignition key is the dashboard mounted transmission lever which allows selection between reverse, neutral and two forward speeds.

The battery can be easily accessed, folding the seat forward by pressing the button on the rear deck behind it. On this car the charging port is found externally, behind the hinged fuel filler door! Other external design features include faux bonnet vents, plastic moulded windscreen wipers on an opaque screen, folding mirrors with reflective stickers, crystal light clusters, faux aluminium skidplate details chrome exhaust tips, Evoque SD4 badging at the rear, range rover badging front and rear with a vanity plate on the rear bumper.

We love the twin ’10’ spoke alloy wheels with range rover centre-caps even if they are only wrapped with hard plastic textured tyres.¬†The customised Land Rover branded remote is more ergonomic than most but has a very retro looking extendable antenna!

The Range Rover Evoque is available in Black as pictured and also White on our webstore.

Maserati Granturismo Convertible

Styled after the Maserati Granturismo Convertible this licensed luxury ride on car certainly has the best paintwork of the bunch; The photos really don’t do this rich metallic red justice!

Much like the R8 this car has opening doors, body-coloured folding-mirrors with mirror style stickers,¬†black plastic doorcards, and black trim around rear deck.¬†A comfortable wide padded leather racing seat (with red pipping detail and Maserati crown ’embossed’ on the headrest) holds in your child via the lap belt. Just under this seat is the charging point behind a flap.¬†The textured floor below even features a shallow ‘cup holder’ to the right of the driver and the usual accelerator pedal.

Inside a plastic textured steering wheel (with working horn button and radio cycle control) sits in the middle of the blue back-lit dash, behind the tinted windscreen with faux moulded wipers. Again it shares all the benefits and pre-loaded sounds as the in-car entertainment with the Mercedes system. Aside from the steering wheel the dashboard houses the gear style forward and reverse shifter and the keyless push-to-start-button (accompanied with the revving audio effect on startup).

Much like the Lamborghini, this ride on is just dripping in fine details. Gloss black spoilers and splitters contrast the rich paintwork. LED running lights front and rear, chrome lipped front grille and Maserati crown badge, chrome Maserati lettering on the bootlid, chrome tipped exhausts, vent details on the bonnet and wing, the whole thing topped off with Italian style registration plates.

All these elements come together for a model with a real premium feeling. The silver multi-spoke wheels (with Maserati centre locks) compete the package, wrapped in hard compound textured rubber tyres. It even has the most ergonomic of all the remote control units!

The Maserati Granturismo Convertible is available in Metallic Red as pictured or white.

Remote control : Safety for Parents

Each of our ride on cars come with a simple wireless transmitter. This allows you to drive smaller children around without their input, or

Whilst the remote controls vary in design and power-supply (batteries not included, most using AAA batteries but the Evoque using a 9v cell) all allow you to steer left/right, drive forward/back. This allows you stop the car remotely should your child start driving towards a dangerous situation.

Ride On Cars R8 and Mercedes racing closer

Note that these are not ‘failsafe’ transmitters, if the vehicle goes out of range control will defer to the physical controls on the car itself. Also due to the physical connected nature of the steering, a child can override the remote input by turning the wheel. As with any bicycle/scooter/ride on, a child should not be left to play unattended.

Which Ride on Car is best?

As mentioned, lesser, cheaper cars are available but we all want the best for our kids right?¬†Thanks to their features and fantastic cosmetic detailing, these are arguably a step up above even Fisher Price’s crowning ‘Power Wheels’ models.

From our ‘extensive testing’ we found most children flocked to the Lamborghini Aventador. Perhaps it was the fancy doors, the bright orange bodywork or perhaps they could tell it edged the others with the fastest top speed? Second in the list has to be the Audi R8 Spyder closely followed by the metallic red Maserati.

Ride On Car Lamborghini Aventador Roadster SV Orange kids favouriteShould I buy a ride on car for my child?

This is a difficult question to answer but surely you are thinking ‘hell yeah’! These models don’t come cheap and you will surely be spoiling them, but empowering them to explore the great outdoors is surely worthwhile.


  • Hours of entertainment for kids and parents alike, from cruising around the garden/park to posing for ‘the gram’.
  • Envy of all their friends and indeed some parents!
  • Outdoor activity that gets your children out of the house whilst improving their hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Entertaining cars that are fast enough to keep your child amused but not so quick that you couldn’t catch up with a short jog. The models are covered in levers and inputs to keep kids entertained.


  • Assembly – These do not come ready to run and will take the average parent armed with a screwdriver a little while to build up.
  • Charge time – With an overnight ‘trickle’ type charger these models can take up to 15 hours to charge when depleted.
  • Weight – Ranging from 16kg for the S63 to 22kg for the Aventador these are bulky things to lift up onto the patio or into the boot of an SUV.
  • Size – To maintain their ‘scale’ looks and still seat a child, these are big toys. They average 64cm wide and 120cm long (the Evoque slightly shorter, the Aventador longer at nearly 135cm) which is worth considering if you are going to transport them in a car.
  • Popularity – As we found whilst taking photos, your child may never want to get out of the car until the battery is flat!

Ride On Cars R8 and Mercedes overtaking

RC Geeks : Ride-On car fans

Our ride on cars are available in-stock now. Whether your kids want a Lamborghini, a Mercedes, an Audi, a Maserati or a Range Rover, we have them in a range of colours ready to ship. Each include a years warranty and if you have any questions, our sale and service teams can now be contacted via facebook and our website alongside traditional email.

All of our stock is based in our UK warehouse and includes free next-working-day courier delivery to mainland UK addresses, so order today and it could be with you tomorrow! Our range of Ride on Cars is growing every week and you can check it out here.

Ride On Car Range Rover Evoque Convertible Black being raced

Do you have¬†any questions¬†about our ride on cars? Perhaps you have a ride on car in mind you’d like to see us stock or just review? We are always interested in your suggestions so¬†please leave them in the comments section¬†below!



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