Hands On Review of the Blade Inductrix FPV Drone

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The Blade Inductrix FPV drone is all the rage at the moment. The small, camera equipped, minion-like, drone is perfect for indoor flying whether it’s whizzing round your living room or weaving round your colleagues and their computers in the office.

We show you our hands on experience with the Blade Inductrix within this blog.

Check Alex’s video review of the Blade Inductrix below to see the craft in flight.


What’s in the box?

  • Inductrix FPV drone
  • 4 channel transmitter
  • FPV Screen (with whip antenna)
  • 1 x LiPo battery
  • 4 x AA Batteries
  • USB LiPo charger
  • USB cable


FPV Video Downlink

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the video downlink using the standard setup that comes out of the box. The aircraft has a standard 25mw transmitter and the 4.3″ monitor has a built in 5.8Ghz, 40 channel receiver. This combo is more than good enough for flying indoors and allows you to control and view your live feed while flying all round your house while sat from the comfort of your sofa.


If you already have a pair of Fatsharks or other 5.8Ghz video goggles, you can use them instead of the monitor. Or if you want to share the fun, give the monitor to a friend while you use the goggles!

Flight Time

The flight time on these are not great. The battery is a 1 cell, 200mah 45C LiPo which gives you around 3-4 minutes of airtime. For this reason, it’s definitely worth buying a few batteries to keep you in the air for longer.


Charge time is around 40 minutes when using the USB charger plugged into your computer. However, it does charge faster if you plug the usb charger into a USB plug socket like that from an iPhone charger.


Durable and Safe to Fly

I’ve been impressed with how much of a beating this little guy can take. I’ve attempted some pretty sketchy flight paths at a fair speed and they’ve not always gone too smoothly but thanks to the strong prop guards, you often just bounce off and can continue flying. These strudy prop guards also give you the peace of mind that you can’t slice up anyone or anything if you have a mid-flight collision!


The LED lights onboard the aircraft are pretty handy for other people to see the drone in-flight and also to help find it if you manage to crash it.

If you are unfortunate enough to break a part, it’s not the end of the world. There are a bunch of spares available for you to quickly and easily repair it yourself without having to break the bank.

Flight Experience

The aircraft handles incredibly well. The controller is very similar to that of the Hubsan drones, with good sized sticks that give you plenty of travel for precise inputs, allowing you to pull off accurate flight maneuvers.


With such a small form factor and a max speed of about 12mph, there’s huge scope for having fun whether your a newbie that’s happy flying round an open room or a seasoned FPV racer wanting to push yourself, flying through small gaps not much bigger than the drone itself. For those FPV racers that want more of a challenge, pop it into manual mode by pressing in the left stick.


The only downside I can make about this drone is the short flight time, but with the amount of fun you get in those few minutes, it’s easy to justify buying a few more batteries.

If you want to get in on the fun, you can buy your own Blade FPV Inductrix here on our e-store



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