Rastar 1/14th scale car review

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Rastar 1/14th scale rc cars review Ferrari F40 Red front side
Buy an awesome 1:14th scale Rastar RC car today!

Rastar’s RC range seems to bridge that gap between ‘inexpensive first RC model’ and ‘detailed die-cast collectors car‘. In a world of thin lexan bodied car approximations they are a recognisable, highly detailed breath of fresh air. Over the past few months they have been selling like hot cakes, so we took three models, a Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari F40 and a Mercedes G55 out for a test of our own.

Rastar cars at a glance

  • Highly detailed remote control cars
  • 1/14th scale (around 30cm long)
  • Detailed interiors, exteriors, wheels and decals
  • Steering wheel-styled remote controller
  • Extra details such as pop-up light housings
  • Powered by AA batteries (not included)

Unboxing the display cases

Arriving in display cases, the Rastar cars are ideal for anyone who likes to collect detailed die-cast models. The premium printed, windowed boxes keep the cars safe and dust free whilst also on display, perfect for an office shelf or bedroom. The Ferrari F40 model pictured below includes a small feature cutout for testing the pop-up headlight action.

Rastar 1:14th scale rc cars review in boxes

In some cases you will need a small cross-head screwdriver to release the model from packaging, however most of the models can be removed without tools. Plastic lugs under the car release with a quarter twist whilst the transmitters are secured to the back of the packaging with two wingnut style screws.

How big are they?

Accurately reproduced at around 1:14th scale, the models vary between 30-33cm in length, depending on the car they are based on. For instance a real 1:1 scale Ferrari F40 measures 435cm whilst the model featured here measures a little under 32cm. With the models out of the box, lets take a look around the details and features of each one.

Lamborghini Aventador LP700

Rastar 1:14th scale rc cars review Lamborghini Aventador LP700 White above

This Aventador has proved particularly popular since we started stocking these Rastar cars and its easy to see why. Available in orange or white as pictured, the wide, angular Lamborghini design has been meticulously recreated in this fantastic scale model.

Those huge intake ducts and mesh panels add such drama to the sharp, folded bodywork. The Lambo looks fast, even when parked up.

With proper Lamborghini licensing secured, Rastar have ensured the genuine badging is everywhere across the model right down to the emblems on the wheels. The light lenses are accurately recreated, that huge centre exhaust tip is present and we particularly like the carbon-ceramic-style drilled brake discs and big calipers behind those black glossy 5-spoke alloys.

The details continue with the engine. The engine cover, pipework and bracing is all on show, sat beneath the clear louvred window. Rastar have even included the iconic ‘Lamborghini’ lettering on the cam covers.

Whilst the doors do not open, the main door windows have been removed for a better look into that detailed interior. Rastar have modelled the dash, air vents, instrument binnacle, centre console, seats, steering wheel and more. We love the little silver highlights on the radio, wheel and control panels that really finish it off. The doors feature soft rubber wing mirrors that will flex if you clip a chair leg.

As you can imagine from the price point and the quality of the bodies, these model cars sadly aren’t packed with performance. They are more suited for cruising along the corridors of your apartment rather than ripping up a parking lot. Despite the lack of pace, we think they look pretty cool on the move.

Rastar have fitted LEDs behind the light clusters both front and rear, the headlights activating when driving forward, the brake lights lit when reversing. We wish there was an option to just leave both on as it would look fantastic on the shelf and doubtless last for weeks on 5 rechargeable AA batteries.

The Aventador is a finely detailed package and at under at under £30 offers incredible value. As a gift, this is sure to elicit the cry ‘I finally got my Lambo‘ from men of a certain age. Buy one for yourself and one for a friend and be Lambros. You can pick it up from our webstore here.

Ferrari F40

Rastar 1:14th scale rc cars review Ferrari F40 Red rear

The iconic Ferrari F40 needs no introduction. This late 80’s supercar adorned the walls of many a teenage bedroom and its signature silhouette with that huge rear wing is instantly recognisable to enthusiasts worldwide.

Rastar have expertly recreated the body including popup lights. These are activated by the steering or by pressing the red button on the right hand side of the transmitter, note that unlike the other models in this review they do not light up.

With the licensed secured, Rastar have included the prancing horse logo on the bonnet and wings with the Ferrari branding on the tailgate and an F40 vanity plate on the mesh rear.

Rastar 1:14th scale rc cars review Ferrari F40 Red top down stripe

We love how Rastar have recreated the Speedline split-rim wheels with their dished lip and bolts, they have even included a little silver decal for the centrelock pin. All the models here have textured rubber tyres with ‘rastar’ sidewall markings.

The Ferrari does feature a full interior of seats, dash, centre console, doorcards etc, but the windows do not open, leaving you to admire the chrome gearknob through them and the windscreen.

Much like the Lambo, the engine is beautifully detailed using a selection of finishes. Rastar have also managed to recreate the vented window just like the full size car. From above the big wing and naca ducts look fantastic.

Again this car is designed for driving around indoors, thus the experience cannot live up to some of our big hobby-grade rc models. It is entertaining enough to drive around the office, where the Ferrari can clear the short pile carpet with ease.

The Ferrari is a timeless classic and this model really does it justice. If we don’t end up selling this demonstrator off there will doubtless be fights for it in the office. If we could pick one improvement, it would be the ability to open the doors or rear clam-shell, but you can only ask so much for this price.

Every F40 model we have ever stocked has been a strong seller and this model from Rastar looks to continue that trend. You can pick it finished in Ferrari rosso corsa (red, to everyone else) from our webstore here.

 Mercedes-Benz G55

Lastly we have a classic ‘G-wagen’ Mercedes G-Class (463). Based on the late 2000’s update, the G55 AMG is the evolution of a military design eventually sold to the public. Its black boxy-shape has been seen in the hands of many a ‘film baddie’ over the years.

Rastar 1:14th scale rc cars review Mercedes-Benz G55 Black front three quarter

Rastar have managed to capture the shape and details of the Mercedes very well, adding relief details such as the wipers alongside physical additions such as the light clusters, bumpers and mirrors.

Rastar 1:14th scale rc cars review Mercedes-Benz G55 Black rear three quarter

The Mercedes branding is on point with stars, vanity plates and badging front and rear, complete with the ‘V8 kompressor’ decal on the front wings. Light clusters front and rear feature led lights that illuminate depending on your direction.

The five spoke alloy wheels are fitted with meaty treaded tyres and sit over painted calipers and discs. The chrome side exit exhaust peeks out under the chrome runners. The large spare wheel cover is bolted to the back, they even put the running lights up on top of the front wings.

As with the other models, the details continue inside. Both the drivers and passenger windows have been removed to give a better view into the detailed interior. Note the wood-style trim on the steering wheel and centre console, plus the leather look finish on the seats. The instrument binnacle and radio are all sticker’d up, as is the three-pointed-star on the steering wheel. You can also peek into the interior via the clear sunroof.

On the move the G55 looks pretty classy. The ground clearance enables it to clear room thresholds with ease. Note that this model only has rear wheel drive with a basic open differential, you aren’t going to be able to off-road it like the real thing!

With the popularity of the new G class models, this classic shape reminds us of the time ‘before-they-were-cool‘, when the rugged utilitarian looks made it the thinking man’s alternative to other SUV’s.

The Mercedes G55 is available in black on our webstore here.

What batteries do I need?

Whilst arriving ready to run, the models will require you to supply and fit batteries to drive them. Each of the boxes feature an overview of the particular power requirements of that car and transmitter.

The transmitters are powered by either two AA batteries or one large 9v ‘smoke detector’ battery. The battery doors either slide off, or are released by a rotating catch as seen in the red-handled Ferrari transmitter below.

Nearly all of the cars we stock required (an annoyingly odd) 5x AA batteries to power them. We successfully ran them on rechargeable batteries. The models did do not need tools for battery changes; Underneath, the battery door slides back and hinges down, when the power button is in the off position.

Steering wheel controllers

Placed up against the models, you can get a feel for the size of the included steering-wheel sized transmitters. Coloured and themed up to the respective model they feature the manufacturer badges or nametags.

Comfortable enough to be used by older children as well as adults, the controls are basic. The left hand button controls forward and backward motion whilst the right button the steering. Some models such as the F40 also include an extra feature, the red button seen below is for remotely activating the pop-up lights.

The telescopically-extendable antenna arrives separately in the packaging and screws into the top. We tested the range out in our carpark and even fully extended it wasn’t huge. In Rastar’s defence they offer enough control range to operate the model whilst in view, inside even large houses.

As you can see, each of the transmitters is labelled with the frequency it uses, helping you avoid any interference between models. These analogue radio transmitters vary in operating frequency but use bands that cover 26.957MHz to 27.283 MHz or 40.660MHz to 40.700MHz. If you are intending to drive more than one Rastar model at once we suggest purchasing units that use different frequencies, contact our staff for help in selecting these.

Genuine, licensed models

Rastar have negotiated licenses with major automotive manufacturers to bring authentic looking models to market. This enables them to produce accurate scale versions of Ferrari, Porsche, Pagani, Lamborghini, Bugatti, BMW, Land Rover, Mclaren, Audi and other cars.

Rastar 1/14th scale rc cars review Ferrari F40 Red front wheel pop

It allows them to apply the genuine marque badges and version decals to both the cars and packaging. As you can see from the photos in this review, the result is a high-end model that replicates the look of the real thing, as opposed to a cheap knock-off with only a passing resemblance!

How fast are they?

Designed for indoor use, the Rastar cars aren’t going to be setting any speed records. With a top speed of only a few miles an hour, they are best suited for cruising around your lounge or hallway, rather than setting the driveway alight.

Rastar 1:14th scale rc cars review Ferrari F40 Red mirror driving side front angle

It is worth taking your flooring into consideration before purchase. Lower-slung models such as the Ferrari F40 will struggle on deep pile carpet. These models are not waterproof, avoid contact with liquids.

Rastar 1:14th scale rc cars review Lamborghini Aventador LP700 White driving fast left

Whilst the bodies are scale, the drive-trains are not accurately reproduced. The ‘real’ Mercedes G55 is a highly-capable all-wheel-drive off-roader, yet the Rastar scale model is only rear-wheel drive (with an open differential). If you are looking for a Merc to match the real cars’ potential, you are going to need to dig a little deeper into your wallet.

Rastar 1:14th scale rc cars review Mercedes-Benz G55 Black driving side left slow

Steering adjustment

As budget models, they offer little in the way of adjustment. Should you crash your car and find that the steering pulls to one side, minor trim adjustments can be performed by gently rotating the direction adjustment dial found underneath (seen below) between the two front wheels.

Who are they suitable for?

These models also make excellent gifts for automotive enthusiasts of any age. Their accurate scale depiction of full size cars means they can be enjoyed almost as a decorative art piece on a shelf or desk, one that can be powered up and taken for a spin! Whilst they lack the heft of a proper metal die-cast model, the paint and finish on the bodies is right up there in terms of quality.

Rastar 1/14th scale rc cars review display case box

With the premium branded box artwork, we can see plenty being purchased for model car collectors. Considering their value, they would also make a great gift for an older child, just note that due to small parts, these cars are not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Where can I buy these Rastar cars?

You can pickup these cars over on our webstore. The Lamborghini Aventador LP700 is available in white as pictured, but also in a suitably bright orange. Mercedes’ classic G55 is sold in the gloss black seen in this article and the Ferrari F40 is available in red.

Rastar 1:14th scale rc cars review Ferrari F40 Red top down engine bay

Beyond these models we also sell the ever popular Audi R8, BMW’s i8 and M4, Bugatti’s Veyron and the Chiron, Pagani’s Zonda, Ford’s GT, Mclaren’s P1, Porsche’s 911 GT3 and the 918 Spyder, Land Rover (classic) Defender’s and even a modern Mini. Alongside the 1/14th scale models we also stock some larger 1/10th scale cars that offer incredible value. You can browse through every Rastar product we sell on the manufacturer page.

RC Geeks : RC car addicts

For more shots of the Rastar cars in use, check our manufacturer introductory article. Rastar also sell some crazy transforming models that just need to be seen. These Rastar cars are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to RC models. Check our reviews section for literally hundreds of in-depth model reviews and tests.



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