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Star Wars Gift Ideas

The Star Wars stories have spanned several real-time generations, the films one of the few series that have appealed to grandfathers, fathers and down to their sons. Following the successes of last years ‘The Last Jedi’ and this years ‘Solo’ spin-off, the franchise shows no sign of slowing down momentum; continuing to capture the imagination of children and adults alikeStar wars Themed gifts are a sure-fire winner for any geek into sci fi and with Christmas just around the corner, the following products are the ideal gifts for anyone who has joined the dark (or light!) side.

Star Wars device holders

Cable Guys produce a range of officially licensed collectable figurines with stunning detail. All of these figures stand around 8″ tall and are designed to safely hold your gaming controller or mobile phone. It’s the perfect squad mate for any bedroom, office desk or lounge side table. Our favourite is the Darth Vader Collectable Device Holder but a Stormtrooper Collectable Device Holder is also available.

star wars cable guys holders

All Cable Guys figures do look awesome stood as collectables, but are made to be useful, designed to hold a range of devices such as Playstation/Xbox controllers and most smartphones.Included along with the figurine is a 3m USB cable with Micro USB and Lightning adaptors for charging your devices.

Also available alongside the Star Wars figurines are some of your favourite characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Darth Vader and Ryu from Street Fighter and more. At around £20 they make for a fantastic Birthday or Christmas gift, grab one now on our webstore.

Star Wars USB drives

These officially licensed Star Wars USB thumb drives from Tribe are characterful and robust, with a 2 year warranty. Pull the heads off of the characters to reveal the USB plug. All include a small chain with removable Tribe tag, that can be attached to your house, car, bike keys, etc

For a little over a tenner these make fantastic stocking fillers for any star wars fan. Tribe produce a whole host of themed USB sticks and battery packs covering not only Star Wars but also the Hulk, Toy Story and more. Check out the other Tribe products on our webstore.

Star Wars wall lights

Pledge your alliance to Darth Vader himself with this Lightsaber Wall light from 3D Light FX! At 95cm long its a sizable piece that looks fantastic even unlit. Battery operated (3x AA batteries, not included) and LED lit, the wall light is cordless and energy efficient. It includes wall plugs and screws for mounting, plus a ‘crack’ vinyl sticker to give the appearance that Darth Vader himself is breaking through the wall!

If you would prefer something a little more compact, check out the Star Wars Death Star wall light which is a little under a foot in diameter. At under £30, again they make for a reasonably priced gift idea or dynamic night light for kids. You can pick one up today on our webstore here.

Star Wars power banks

Mobile Phone out of battery? No problem! Get yourself recharged with Tribe’s Power Bank, a portable external battery that guarantees an extra energy reserve for your smartphone or iPad. This power bank features a 4000mAh lithium battery and thanks to its compact, slim shape it is handy to carry around with you.

Available in three Star Wars themes, this Power bank will win you over with both its functionality and style. They feature four led lights to indicate the charge level, a full size USB out and a mini-usb (plus cable) in for charging.

For a little over a tenner these make fantastic stocking fillers for any star wars fan. Tribe produce a whole host of themed USB sticks and battery packs covering not only Star Wars but also Spiderman, Iron Man and more. Check out the other Tribe products on our webstore.

Interactive Star Wars droids

The release of ‘The Force Awakens’ back in 2015, brought BB-8 to the big screen. Little more than a ball with a small dome on top, BB-8 was full of character and a big fan favourite. Tech-toy-favourites Sphero have created this miniature recreation of the droid that is remote controlled via smartphone or the bundled force-band controller! It will roll around your house with all the magic of the movie models and even makes the right noises!


Since the BB-8 launch, Sphero have expanded their selection of droids to include BB-9E as well as the classic R2-D2 droid. Both have similar functionalities, remote control via smartphone app and simply oodles of character. Sadly at over £100 these do not come cheap and as such these are only for die-hard fans or those with deep pockets.


Interested? You can learn more about the fantastic Sphero’s Star Wars Droids – Smartphone Controlled Toys in our in-depth article. From BB-8 to R2-D2 these incredible toys bring the films to life and when combined with the ‘force band’ accessory, can even be controlled with the force!.

Be sure to check out Sphero’s other film character offerings, such as the Ultimate Lightning McQueen remote control car!

RC Geeks : Star Wars fans

Looking for any of these products? All the items in this article are available on our webstore. You can learn more about the Star Wars Sphero droids in Rory’s detailed article. We have also previously covered our Top 5 Custom Remote Control Drones, in this article. Alternately you can search character specific products via the following links:

Shopping on a budget? Check our sale section to pick up some bargains! Finally, check out our gadgets section for more great gifts ideas.



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