DJI Mavic Pro Teardown: What’s inside?

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What’s inside the DJI Mavic Pro drone? We’ve already established that the Mavic is an amazing machine, but the geek inside us want to open it up to see what makes up this latest masterpiece of technology. In this post we dismantle the only Mavic we have (carefully), and show you the contents.


Please note : This is not intended to be an instructive guide for dismantling your drone, but more a documentation of our investigation into the architecture of the new quadcopter. We take no responsibility for any potentially warranty-invalidating work carried out on your Mavic by yourself, it is at your own risk. 

Tools Required:

  • 1.5mm Hex Driver
  • J0 Screw Driver
  • Plastic Levers

Dismantling the DJI Mavic

This is what is under the top shell of the Mavic.


The center board is the largest competent in the body linking the motors, compass, IMU, Ocusync, and flight controller all together. This center board can be removed if you un-solder several wires, but from peeking underneath, we won’t remove it just yet as there is not much to see.


Once the to shell is off, all you have to do to remove the camera is unscrew some the brackets and disconnect the power lead and several ribbon cables.


Just in front of the camera mount is the forward facing sensors.


At the back of the aircraft is the new Ocusync transceiver unit.


This is what is presented once the bottom aluminum heat sink plate is removed, exposing the visual positioning system and underside of the centre board.


Each new DJI product appears to be more integrated and less modular, making a much more commercially standardized product. This streamlines the production process and makes drones much more efficient to produce.

The Mavic Pro is available from RC Geeks.

If you have crashed or damaged your drone, please get in contact with us. We’re happy to give advice or if you’re not so tech-savvy, you can send your drone in to us for our drone repair service.

If you have any questions regarding this teardown, feel free to give us a call or leave a comment below.



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