Drones Buying Guide

Drones are super stable flying machines that can be used for awesome aerial photography or extreme FPV Racing. In modern times, the DJI Phantom range has become synonymous with the term drone, proving to be one of the most recognisable, popular and accomplished craft for aerial photographers.

What is a Quadcopter?

The most common form of consumer ‘drone’; A quadcopter is a multi-rotor helicopter with four arms featuring a motor and propeller at the end. Two of the propellers spin clockwise and the opposing two spin counter-clockwise enabling the craft to hover and fly with great stability.

Quadcopters range in size from professional drones such as the DJI Inspire, to smaller consumer craft like DJI’s Phantom, right down to inexpensive hobby-range micro-drones such as the Tiny Whoop. Advances in electronic miniaturisation and flight controller technology have meant these craft are getting more advanced every year.

Which Drone is right for me?

Whilst everyone has different uses and intentions for their multirotors, we find our customers often fall into one of three camps. Pilots wanting recreational ready-to-fly drones like DJI’s Phantom range, hands-on customisers wanting an FPV racer and finally professionals looking for a high end platform for aerial filming or surveying.


Ranging from small drones that are happy bouncing off of the walls of your lounge, to highly advanced computer stabilised aerial photography drones; These all have one thing in common, they are ready to fly out of the box*.

Our most popular selection of recreational drones are DJI’s Phantom. The latest model is the market leader in consumer aerial photography and every generation brings new advancements to the airframe and camera.

FPV Racers

We have a range of FPV (First Person View) Racing quadcopters are available as kits or ready-to-fly and are from the leading brands such as Eachine, ImmersionRC and Emax.

Our most popular FPV drone currently is the Makerfire variant of the Tiny Whoop. Its low cost, robust ducted fan design and miniature footprint makes it ideal for learning in the home. It comes ready to fly with camera and video transmitter so all you need to do is select a suitable receiver and display to get going.

Professional Aerial Platforms

These multirotor craft are designed and constructed for accurate and robust performance. They are capable of carrying complex camera systems, capable of high-quality imaging for cinema or surveying use.

DJI’s Inspire is currently one of the most popular drones in the industry, with a flexible selection of cameras available for its relatively compact airframe.

*Note that Ready-To-Fly specifies that the drone is pre-built and configured. Some packages will require transmitter batteries before you can take them into the air.

What if the worst happens and I crash it?

Our trained technicians have years of experience fixing remote control quadcopters and drones. Whether you have broken an arm on a DJI Inspire, damaged the shell on your DJI Phantom, or are having problems with your FPV Racer; If you have bought your drone from us we are here to help! See our drone repair page for further details.

What are the rules on flying?

Whenever you are flying you need to stick to the rules, be legal and follow the drone code. Always keep your drone in sight, stay below 120m (400ft), keep 50m from people and property (150m for crowds and built up areas) and obviously stay well away from airports. You can find the full breakdown here.

I’d like to start a drone business

From DJI aerial platforms to video stabilisation, we have the right solution for you. No matter the size of your business, our staff are here to advise and support you with the correct equipment.

We offer business accounts to genuine UK businesses as well as schools, universities, councils or other professional establishments. We have the knowledge and expertise to source the correct products for your needs, and can support the complete life-cycle of your product.

Learn more about RC Geeks for business here.

How can I get a pilots license?

If you are looking at flying commercially, you get the best deal on your PfCO through CAA Authorised training programs with RCGeeks Business. Learn more about NQE training here.