Buying Guide : On-road Cars

What size?

Our cars can be as small as 1/32 scale like the HPI mini Baja. A low price mini car brilliant for playing around with indoors. We also have 1/18 cars available such as the Maverick Ion series. These are much larger than the 1/32 scale but still relatively small and great for indoor use. And finally we have the 1/10 scale cars. The largest and quickest of all our on road cars.

Scale realism?

A fantastic feature of on road cars is the ability to base them on a real car. HPI racing release many cars with bodyshells and tyres based on those of a real model. And the excellent thing about it is that we stock dozens of spare bodyshells clear and painted in the shapes of many different car models, so at any time you can purchase another, paint it your favourite colour and design and completely change the look of your RC car.

We do also have a range of tyres and wheels available covering many different designs should you fancy a change at any time.

Some examples are a simple 2010 Chevrolet Camaro bodyshell and a detailed replica of Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta ST RX43.


Just like all of our car types, On road cars are available in both brushed and brushless Brushed being the slower cars suited for beginners and brushless being the faster and more powerful cars. Both cars can be changed an upgraded at a later stage if you wanted. Brushed cars can be upgraded to brushless through changing the ESC and Motor to brushless models. And brushless Motors and ESC’s can also be upgraded to even more powerful and higher spec components should you wish to do that in the future.