Buying Guide : Off-road cars

Off-Road RC electric cars and trucks are by far our most popular type. We stock a huge range of off road vehicles from a number of well known brands.

The great thing about off road RC cars and the advantage they have is that they can be used on a range of different surfaces including both off and on road. Whereas an on road car, can only be used on flat ground. So an off road car is perfect for taking it over a local field where the terrain can be damp and uneven.

Why should I buy an off-road model?

For those of you who are new to the RC world altogether or possibly looking to get a vehicle for young children an off road truck is a brilliant place to start. They are bigger, can be used in a variety of places and are easier to control.

Where should I start?

Some brilliant brands to look at as a beginner are Maverick, FTX and Absima. All 3 of these brands make similar cars to suit this specific audience. There cars are less expensive and not as high spec as a higher tier car but they are still of excellent build quality and offer amazing performance for the price. And being such popular cars we ensure we keep most spare parts stocked should you need any for repairs.

Absima AB1

An RC buggy like the Absima AB1, is a brushed car suited for beginners. It has shown us it is a brilliant car and can give you hours of fun and be driven in a variety of places and conditions. You can check out our hands on review blog and test of the car at our local skate park here.

Looking for a real buzz?

If you are looking into a higher tier car HPI racing is a great brand to be looking at. Their RC cars are of the highest quality and come with an impressive 2 year warranty.

If speed is what you want something like the HPI Firestorm is an excellent choice with speeds reaching up to 77mph with the correct battery. Whereas if you want the best you can get the HPI Vorza is the perfect option with speeds of 70mph and an almost full metal chassis meaning the strength and durability is unmatched.

HPI Vorza

Need more assistance?

Our sales team is on hand to help you decide on the best off-road car for you.

We have a range of both brushed and brushless cars available depending on what you prefer. Brushed cars tend to be slower whereas brushless cars will be faster and can be a lot more power efficient when used with a LiPo battery.