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The rapid adoption of scooters in our office has meant all our plugs are tied up charging them, but it has also provided an insight into how they integrate into everyday life. With a fleet in use day-in day-out, our crew have researched and tested the electric scooter accessories ideally suited to improving the scooter experience. You can browse all these accessories and parts now on our webstore and grab the scooter in black or white over on our webstore.

Mi Electric Scooter Accessories

Lets first take a look at additions that improve the day-to-day use and functionality of the scooter.

Mi M365 Scooter Handle Bag Clip

Have you ever tried riding a scooter with something hung off of the handlebars? Every turn has items swinging against the upright tube, potentially getting damaged whilst making it harder to drive. If you regularly travel without a backpack then this bag clip could be ideal for you.

Mi-Electric-Scooter-Accessories-scooter-bag-hookThey are supplied in either red, yellow, blue, orange or black by random selection. With the white sprung latch, all of them look fantastic on the white scooter.

Fitting the handle bag clip is simple, just remove the lower of the 2.5mm rear hex screws at the top of the handlebar (using the tool that came with the scooter) screw in the receiver with a 4mm allen key and then finally attach the hook with the cross head screws supplied.

When mounted, its the ideal position for one of those ’10p supermarket bags’ with the strong handles, keeping items behind the upright bar and away from the scooter controls. We’d recommend limiting the load to just a few kilograms as heavier swaying cargo will affect the handling. You can pick the handle bag clip up for under a fiver on our webstore, making it a no-brainer upgrade to the scooter.

Mi M365 Scooter Handle Storage Bag

If you use your scooter daily, its worth considering a handle storage bag. These affix with velcro around the handlebars and upright bar, closing with a zip around the edge.

The lid of the case includes a netted pocket and at the top a small latch clip, ideal for keys. Its large enough to fit your lunch, the scooter charger and even a disc-lock inside. Straps link the top to the base but these do not stop it opening too far.

Fitting is a simple, tool-less affair. Loop the top straps around the handle bars and tighten the bag down before strapping it to the upright bar, but ensure that it doesn’t crush the brake cables. The handle storage bag is available on our webstore here.

Mi M365 Electric Scooter Carry Bag

For many, the scooter has become an important part of their daily transport. Paired with a train-ride or car journey it has filled in the last mile from the station or carpark to the office. Sometimes keeping it on hand calls for a lightweight carry bag just like this one. There is enough space inside to include the charger and cables, plus the entire item folds down small enough to fit in a seat pocket.

The bag is ideal for storing the scooter indoors, keeping the dirty wheels off of carpeted floors, or for storing in a wardrobe without marking the walls. Its a great solution for storing the scooter in the footwell or boot of your car, hiding it away and keeping the upholstery clean.

The two strong handles come together with hook and loop, enabling the bag to be held comfortably by your side, but with enough clearance underneath to wear the bag over your shoulder. It includes a couple of straps that allow you to cinch the back up tight if you need to place it into a smaller space. Again at a low price this is an obvious must-have accessory, one that is available on our webstore here.

Mi M365 Electric Scooter Disc Brake Lock

Anyone who has ever had a bicycle stolen knows that securing such a portable item is nigh-on an impossible task. That isn’t to say that it isn’t worth trying. Holding onto your transport is more about deterring potential thieves and its always worth investing to make it harder for casual theft to occur. This disc lock is aimed at those looking to do just that.

This lightweight solution works in a similar way to many motorcycle locks, stopping (in this case) the rear wheel from rotating by putting a chunky fixed item through the brake disc.

As per our hands on review, you can use a bicycle D-lock for a more serious attempt to secure the scooter to bike hoops for a short period. However many of these locks are heavy, unwieldy affairs; Plus anyone with knowledge of the product and a couple allen keys could dismantle it to the point where the parts could be carried away regardless.

Needless to say, this dislock isn’t going to stop anyone from simply picking up your scooter and walking off with it, but if you cannot take your scooter inside with you and can park it where you can keep an eye on it, this might be somewhat of a deterrent. Its available on our webstore here.

Other notable mentions

Over repeated use the folding hinge mechanism will need adjusting to ensure a tight latch. That aside, the seat may wear slightly with repeated folding, which ends up in the handlebars feeling a tad loose. This can be remedied by purchasing a rubberised plastic spacer in the hinge, which can be picked up for around £5. Search everyone’s favourite online auction website for the term ‘xiaomi damper‘ to pick one up.

Mi-Electric-Scooter-Accessories-scooter-hinge-damper-rangeInstallation is a simple matter of selecting the correct thickness (many come with three thickness to address various wear and hinge adjustment approaches), inserting it and clamping the hinge down. Be careful not to select too thick a damper as it may lead to you over-tightening the latch which can lead to catch failure.

If you find yourself regularly using your phone to navigate whilst on your scooter (say on holiday in an unfamiliar place) there are an array of phone holders available. We prefer the aluminium style wide clamps that can be mounted to the handlebars to allow a smartphone to be positioned vertically or horizontally.

Mi Electric Scooter servicing consumables

Whilst the scooter is built to last, certain items will wear out as the miles mount up.

Braking Components

Over time the braking components on the rear wheel will wear. The rear brake is a simple mechanical disc system actuated by cable run to the handlebars. If you have a bicycle with with cable disc brakes on bicycles then this setup will be familiar to you.

Load can be taken off of the braking system by increasing the regeneration harvesting level, effectively leveraging the motor generator unit to slow the scooter down ‘harder’ but eventually that rear disc and its pair of pads will wear out.

Mi-Electric-Scooter-Accessories brake pads discs

Fitting a brake disc is straight forward. You will need to remove the sticker-ed screw covers from the rear of the scooter before releasing the hub bolts to slide the rear wheel backwards and away from the frame. The disc is secured to the frame with 6 hex bolts. Ensure they are reattached and tightened in a cross format, ensuring the disc is level on the wheel before refitting. Replacement Discs are readily available on our webstore.

The brake pads require the removal of the caliper from the frame to access. They are held in with magnets so you will need a small flathead screwdriver or pick to lever them off the piston, whilst the outer can be removed when the circular cap (with 5mm hex fitting) has been taken off following the grub screw removal. Whilst it is difficult to explain in words, there are several great videos already on youtube demonstrating the process. The brake pads themselves are available on our webstore.

Replacement Tyres

Improper pressures or extreme off-roading can lead to premature wear or failure of the tyres (See our other article for best practices regarding pressures).

Swapping out an inner-tube or complete tyre is a complex affair (particularly when dealing with the front wheel) and we advise you grab a set of metal tyre levers and some dishwashing soap (for lubrication) to assist in the procedure. Ensure the tyre is deflated and start working at the opposite side to the valve.

If you are having problems refitting you can (At least with the rear wheel) employ cable ties through the wheel spokes to hold portions of the tyre on as you lever it onto the rim. Spare tyres and innertubes are inexpensive and sold in pairs on our webstore.

Mi Electric Scooter Spares

We feel the Mi Electric Scooter is built to last. The daily abuse that the Xiaomi-sourced Bird and Spin scooters put up with give us confidence that this is the case. However its good to know that spares are available in the UK, many even qualifying for free next-day delivery.

Battery Compartment

The low ground-clearance mixed with long wheel base can mean that (should you ignore the warnings) you can ground the scooter out, hopping off kerbs without lifting the front end. The battery compartment lid is an inexpensive reinforced plastic lid with foam seal, held on by torx screws.

Replacement Battery

Whilst we are yet to see any dropoff in battery performance, due to the technology it is unavoidable over time. The big 280Wh intelligent battery pack has a limited number of cycles. To prolong your battery life Mi suggest always charging your battery after use and never fully depleting it. If you are not using your scooter you should ensure it is still charged every other month to protect it. Replacement batteries are expensive and are available on our webstore. Due to the risks involved, they should only be fitted by those familiar in lithium-ion battery handling techniques.

We also stock a genuine replacement ECU (electronic control unit) as well as the complete front wheel hub motor, should your electronics have died after someone threw your scooter into a canal. Needless to say these components are the heart, lungs and brain of the scooter and as such command a hefty price tag.

Mi Electric Scooter Accessories tooling

Scooter Repair tools

The scooter uses a selection of small hex and torx head bolts. Its important to have the correct bits to avoid damaging the bolt heads. Check out the Mi Wiha 24 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set which has most of the tips you will need plus a driver, all in a sleek sleeve case. Its the type of toolkit that pays for itself if you ever repair any electronic equipment (eg. replacing an iPhone battery. If you do not have some of those medium allen key sizes (eg 2.5mm) take a look through our tools section to pick up individual drivers.

Which accessories should I get for my scooter?

Without a doubt, it is worth buying a spare charger. Its all too easy ‘scoot’ out the door leaving the charger on the floor. Plus with the 42V 1.7Amp (max output) the scooter takes a while to charge that big 280Wh pack.

Beyond that, the most popular items on our list to date have been the handle bag clip and the handle storage bag. Both are inexpensive, super-useful additions to the scooter.

Are you looking for a particular accessory that we do not stock? We are always looking to upgrade our offering so drop us a message or leave a comment below!

Buy an Electric Scooter Today

You can learn more about the Mi Electric scooter in our hands on review and pick up the scooter in white or black (as pictured) on our webstore. The majority of the items in this article are available via the Mi manufacturer page. They are also available from Scooters Direct.



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