Spektrum Ultra Micro FPV Racing Camera

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With christmas fast approaching, most people find that a small scale RC car or a micro quadcopter can be a great gift for someone who is just getting into the hobby or looking for a bit of fun. But what if they already have one? How can it be improved? Why not try adding FPV?

What is FPV?

FPV (or first person view) gives you the ability to put yourself in the driver’s/pilot’s seat and get a live view from a camera mounted onto your vehicle. You may have noticed some of our Phantomsare capable of this, but the cameras can be rather too big to fit onto something smaller. The solution? The Spektrum Ultra Micro FPV camera.

This tiny camera, which is about the size of a thimble, is perfect for ultra micro aircraft. We had a go at mounting it onto our Ken Block Micro RS4 and the results were great fun.


Installation was easy. We used double-sided sticky pads to attach the camera to the car and did the same with a 1S battery that we borrowed from a Hubsan Nano quadcopter. If you opt to put FPV on an ultra micro aircraft, the kit comes with a Y-harness connector which allows you to power the camera using the same battery as the craft, thus eliminating extra weight.

The video transmitter is compatible with all existing Fatshark headsets, but we used the Flysight Spexman One video goggles for the live view, and then we were all set for some table-drifting. We even did a few laps of the S900 build we had just finished. Great fun!

I would recommend this kit to anyone that is interested in FPV racing, as this would be perfect to mount onto a racing quadcopter. Alternatively, attach it to an RC car like we did and get a whole new perspective on your living room / back garden.

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