Rastar Toy RC Car Range Overview

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The Rastar Toy RC Car range is a new addition that we have added to our store. The Rastar range offers supercars, hypercars and your typical work-horses such as the legendary 4×4 Landrover. Suitable for kids or enthusiasts who are looking for a realistic working scale model. So let’s take a quick look across the range and see what it’s like and share our thoughts with you…

The Rastar range at a glance

  • Excellent Detail
  • Perfect gifts for birthday or Christmas presents
  • Realistic design
  • Good build quality
  • Cool Packaging
  • A range of sizes available
  • Different vehicle types are available too
Rastar Group

Who Are they for?

The Rastar Car range is an extremely budget-friendly remote-controlled car series.  The majority come in at just £26.99 which makes it a great gift option for children. They offer very simple controls and reasonable top speeds (not too fast to keep under control). The attention to detail on each model will surprise anyone and make a child feel like it’s their first set of wheels. Some of the models are bigger than other but the speed on all of them is identical, showing that the technology throughout the range does not change.

Just look at the detail on the Rastar 1/14 Ferrari F40 below!

Features of the Rastar Range

They are all packaged in ‘collector’ style, windowed retail boxes, ideal for anyone who likes to leave their models still boxed on a shelf. The majority of the models are secured to their boxes via twist lock fixings, making them easy to unpack without tools, however some of the larger scale models will require a screwdriver to release them. Everything is included apart from batteries to get you driving.

Every single car astounded me with the level of detail that they have. Whether it’s an open top Porsche 911 Carrera S or a Land Rover Defender (available in black & red too), the interior and exterior detail is amazing. Some of them even have headlights and taillights for when you are reversing or driving.

The remote controls are really easy to use with a simple forward/backward button and a left/right button. They have reasonable control range, suitable for indoor use or around a small garden. They also only use power when a button is being pressed making the batteries last longer. This particular model (a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento) comes with a racing steering wheel remote control. This can be used on the move (worn on your person with the included neck-strap) or fixed to a table with the integral suction cup and will doubtless provide your child with endless fun.

In conclusion

The Rastar range of cars (including the fantastic transforming models) make excellent gifts for a child. They aren’t aimed at adults or older children, but they will provide great amusement for young ones. They have a great price attached to them meaning they can dabble in the remote-control world for the first time and see if they like it without too much of an expense. The models are durable, shrugging off light knocks and bumps. Then perhaps wanting to upgrade for a birthday later on to something like the Kyosho Axxe Buggy which we reviewed here.

Rastar Group 2

Good Things

  • Remote control is included with every model
  • The attention to detail on every single model is exceptional
  • You can’t argue with the price point
  • They are very easy to steer
  • They are great fun
  • The perfect present for Birthdays and Christmas

Not So Good Things

  • All of them require some form of AA or AAA batteries whether it is for the remote or the car itself
  • They don’t have enough ground clearance for surfaces with any bumps
  • They aren’t as fast as your other RC cars
Rastar Ferrari Battery Hatch

Where to buy them?

You can find all of our Rastar cars here. They include all of the transforming cars too. Please also check out the review of the transforming Land Rover here.

Rastar Car Range Group Photo

Thank you for reading and please comment below if you have any questions!



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