The Makerfire Tiny Whoop FPV Range

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The ‘Tiny Whoop’ has been one of this years most talked about drone formats. So we are happy to announce that we now stock the Makerfire Tiny Whoop quadcopters!

In this blog I’ll introduce you to the new drone kits and showcase the wide range of spares, hop-ups and accessories we have available for this fantastic tiny little quadcopter.


Makerfire Tiny Whoop bundles

The quadcopter kit is available in three flavours to fit a range of budgets.

All of them are ready to fly but the most popular bundle (also offering what we would consider the best value) is the Whoop with VR700 kit.


It comes complete with goggles utilising a single 4:3 ratio display and lens to provide an immersive first person view at a bargain basement price.


As you may have seen on our blade inductrix review, these tiny drones are fantastic fun!


They appeal to new pilots looking for the FPV experience , to seasoned operators with their own goggles, chargers and other hardware.


The robust little quad’s ducted design makes them ideal for flying/bouncing around indoors where other drones would be left as a pile of plastic and carbon shards on the carpet. Plus when you do have a large impact, the replacement parts are cheap to buy and very simple to fit.


The only drawbacks we can see with the Makerfire Tiny Whoop are the rather minuscule transmitter and the short flight time, both which can be addressed as seen below.


Accessories for your Tiny Whoop

The standard battery will provide up to 4 minutes flight time so its advisable to buy extra batteries at time of purchase. Replacement 1S 3.7v 50C 220mah LiPo batteries are reasonably priced and we bundle them in packs of 4.


The standard charger can only charge one battery at once. To maximise your flight time (and assuming you already have a  flexible LiPo charger that accepts banana plugs)  consider the Makerfire Parallel LiPo charing board; It can charge up to 6 cells at a time!


We also stock a race gate and flag set for setting up a more professional looking circuit.


If you are looking for a safe way of carrying your drone then we have a small padded case that will take the quad, 6 batteries and accessories.

Makerfire Tiny Whoop Hop-Ups

Swapping out the standard board for a F3 EVO Brushed Flight controller will allow you to really tinker with the flight characteristics and performance of your Tiny Whoop. For those of you not fond of what is admittedly an ergonomically challenged transmitter, switching out to this board with its native DSM receiver will enable you to bind it to a range of Spectrum transmitters.


If you opted for the basic VR007 FPV headset pictured above, you may wish to consider upgrading the to EV800 headset. With its larger 5inch 800×480 px display and built in race band reciever, it is a worthy upgrade whilst still a fraction of the cost of a ‘proper’ set of goggles.

Should you prefer to move to a more traditional FPV headset (slimline with dual displays) we have a selection of fatshark goggles for sale.

Tiny Whoop spares and repairs

Whilst the signature ducted-fan frame look of the whoop offers great protection, the quadcopter is not indestructible. With this in mind we stock spares of the components to the extent that you could build a drone from parts.


There are spare propellers, spare frames and propeller packs and even the complete frame, propeller and canopy sets should you have written off your drone.

This also extends to the electronics with the basic motors, ‘racing edition 14000kv‘ and ‘special sauce 17000kv‘ motors available in packs of four. Our Makerfire Tiny Whoop’s come pre-loaded with the special sauce motors.

Makerfire parts compatibility

The frames are often compatible with other Tiny Whoop craft such as the Blade Inductrix. With their slightly thicker plastic arms they offer a great value replacement upgrade for the more premium craft.


Its worth noting that the Makerfire batteries can be used with other whoop  clones that use the 1.25mm picoblade connectors, but when using them in drones with similarly wide battery trays you may required the foam adapters to secure the cell in flight.

Get your Makefire Tiny Whoop today!

With rumours of forthcoming 2S brushless mini-quads, the Tiny Whoop craze shows little sign of slowing down. There are very few products we stock that offer instant entertainment and such long lasting appeal at a relatively inexpensive price point. So don’t delay, order your Tiny Whoop today!



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