DJI Osmo Pocket vs RC Cars with Kev Talbot

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osmo mounted to rc car rear

We love driving our RC cars and we love sharing our footage even more. Many of us reach for a GoPro, but its not always the best solution, especially for trying to shoot handheld on the beach whilst your car hits some big air!

As fans of the DJI Osmo Pocket and wanted to see how it could work with our hobby. We already know how great it is at capturing hand-held footage at 4K, but how will it fair mounted up to a truck?

Mounting to models such as the Traxxas Land Rover Defender (pictured below) are made easy thanks to its roof rack, but many models feature roll-cages that could be used in a similar fashion.

osmo mounted to rc car roof side

Testing the Osmo vs RC Cars

We sent a DJI Osmo Pocket to popular YouTuber Kev Talbot for his opinion. Kev is a ‘full time’ rc enthusiast (and part-time car destroyer) who likes to push models to their limits, before modifying them to go even harder. His output of 5+ videos a week makes him ideal for testing the camera’s usefulness in the hobby. He paired with his Xmaxx and other cars in the video DJI Osmo Pocket VS RC Cars + 60mph RC Jump = Destruction!! which you can watch below:

In action Kev’s (and our) findings

Sat at work unable to watch/listen to the video? We will try and sum it up. Kev shot around 80% of the video with the Osmo pocket, giving a genuine feel for both the video and audio performance.

He mounted the osmo to his modified Xmaxx to test its onboard performance. Hung from the bottom of the ‘roof’ with some the osmo was run in ‘torch’ mode allowing it to poke the camera forward out of the windscreen opening. He felt the stabilisation felt a little strange.

Its not built tough like a GoPro, but even with multiple crashes (one of which dislodged the back casing) the Osmo did continue to record just fine.

Kev was impressed at how crisp and clear the image from the camera was. Whilst only tested in 1080p he intends to trial the 4k and slow motion features in a later video. He was also impressed with the audio despite the windy filming conditions, he suggested that smart use of the dual microphones might have something to do with that.

Overall he ‘can’t fault it’, only saying that some practice will be needed (in terms of panning along with a moving object and keeping it in frame whilst the gimbal stabilises).

Learn more about the Osmo Pocket

We will continue to experiment with the Osmo Pocket as we feel it is a useful tool for putting together a sick edit on the fly. We haven’t even begun to use some of the features like its object-tracking in selfie-mode yet!

Find out what the Osmo Pocket was actually built to do in our hands on review. Also take a look at what it is capable of with a little help from a computer in our super resolution post.

osmo mounted to rc car roof right

Pick up an Osmo Pocket

You can pick up the Osmo Pocket on our webstore. Should you prefer to hard mount your cameras with something other than cable ties you will happy to hear that we have the accessory mount in stock. It clamps round the camera body and allows you to mount it to (if you are anything like us) any of the 19 GoPro mounts you own. If you intend to do anything remotely extreme we’d also suggest sticking a filter on the front to protect the lens.



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