DJI Mavic Pro Release and UK Pre-Order

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Today the DJI Mavic Pro release was live-streamed to the world from the New York event. Despite recent leaks regarding the new drone, the full specification was kept under wraps until minutes before.

DJI promises the Mavic pro will be intelligent and reliable, simple and intuitive, great flying experience. Thanks to its folding design it will enable you to capture moments of inspiration, whenever they strikes and wherever you go.

The Mavic Pro will be with us in October/November, read on to learn more.

DJI Mavic Pro : At a Glance

  • Brand-new compact, folding design aimed at portability (approx 20 x 8 x 8cm!)
  • Up to 27minutes of flight time 
  • 4k/12MP UHD camera capable of 8 second exposures
  • All new miniature 3-axis gimbal for active image stabilisation
  • Incredible (4.3 mile / 7km) range with 1080p video downlink with new Ocusync
  • Revolutionary compact transmitter design with integral smartphone holder
  • Object Avoidance thanks to 5 cameras 
  • Redundant GPS and IMU
  • Sports-mode agile flying with 40mph/65kph top speed

You can get the full specs in bullet list form over at their website. We feel that DJI has really changed the game with this drone. Watch the following video and learn more from our blog below.

The DJI Mavic Pro Drone

DJI Mavic Pro release Drone

A new tiny footprint when folded down with 198x83x83mm total dimensions. That’s just 1/6th of the size of the Phantom4. Indeed at the live event, Youtube celebrity iJustine demonstrated how it could be easily transported in her clutch bag!

Its ‘FlightAutonomy’ autopilot system uses 5 cameras, GPS and Glonass (with redundancy) and two ultrasonic sensors, hooked up to an incredibly powerful flight computer (featuring 24 Computing Cores) to offer rock solid flight and precision hovering (even over varying height terrain!).

A host of improvements have been announced but one that stuck with us was the CM precise landing ability using photos for reference!

All-new Gamepad-Style Controller

DJI Mavic Pro release transmitter controller

Gamepad style controller that is small enough to fit in your pocket. The lower portion features two ‘legs’ that swing down and hold your phone in place below the stick controls.

The new transmitter employs the a fantastic new linking technology coined OccuSync giving the drone a maximum control/video-downlink range of 4.3miles/7km (2.5 Miles/4km range for the CE version).

The simplified controller features an LCD display with the essential readout information.  It continues the trend of hardware stick controls (which we love for accurate flight) and has twin folding antennas.  If sticks aren’t your think you can takeoff, fly and land all by tapping the screen thanks to Tapfly.

Alternatively you can now fly the drone using just your smartphone by using virtual on-screen joysticks, via a direct WiFi link.

Brand-New Flight Modes

DJI Mavic Pro release in flight

Continuing the success of the active-track introduced on the Phantom 4, the Mavic Pro now supports some brand new flight  modes:

  • Spotlight : Fixes the drone in space and rotates it to keep the target in frame
  • Profile : Effectively a dolly mode, moving the drone alongside the target.
  • Trace : Trails the drone behind the target, and even Circle/Orbit whilst doing so

Note that all of these are vision based, meaning no need to be holding the transmitter during the shot or wearing a bracelet or anything like that. Simply pick your target on screen and away it goes.

Futher to these Terrain follow mode which will track a target up a slope. You literally tap on the subject on the screen (people/cars/bikes/dogs) and activetrack will use the on-board cables

Tripod Mode drops the max speed to just 2.2mph effectively fixing it in space whilst stick sensitivity drops right down to give you precision adjustments for framing, ideal for indoor shooting.

Sports mode (much like the Phantom 4) promises a 40mph top speed thanks to extra angle of attack (but note it disables object avoidance) whilst still having GPS/Glonass there to assist your flight.

Gesture Controls

DJI Mavic Pro release gesture

An incredible new addition to the feature list is gesture based controls. You can now wave your arms to your drone to instruct the drone to track you without even touching the transmitter. Gesture a framing action with your fingers and it will even snap a dronie!

DJI Goggles

DJI have taken a courageous first step into FPV with the DJI headset. With its twin 1080p displays and wide 85 degree view, it feel as if you are in the cockpit. Using the OccuSync technology it wireless-ly pulls down the HD signal to not just one but TWO headsets at the same time, allowing you and a friend a fantastic POV. This was a real surprise at the Mavic Pro release. We are promised a low latency experience and we cannot wait to test this out. Expect more information about the goggles in the coming week.


mavic pro release controller

Since it works with the DJI Go App, the Mavic Pro offers all the great features already found here. You can edit your videos right in your phone, share them online and even streaming them live to Youtube and Facebook!

DJI Mavic Pro Release – How much will it cost?

In our opinion this class leading technology at a reasonable price point. Clearly targeted at potential GoPro Karma buyers. The release retail prices are as follows, pricing in great-british-pounds to follow.

From what we have seen of the carry case, it is suitably small. The entire kit will fit in a tiny bag

When can I get one?


New DJI releases are very hot! We expect these will be due towards the end of October, or maybe even early November. However as the foremost retailer for DJI products, be sure to put in a pre-order and we will ship your Mavic as soon as stock arrives.

Learn more about the Mavic Pro on our webstore here.



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