DJI Inspire 2 FPV Camera Feed

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One of the key features that sets the Inspire 2 aside from the first version is the integrated, 2 axis stabilised, front facing FPV camera. This new feature allows the pilot to always see what is directly in front of the aircraft, regardless of what direction the X4S or X5S camera is facing. In this blog we look into the strengths and weaknesses of the new system.

No More Bodge Job Mods

Before this feature was available people were modifying their existing Inspire 1 with a hard mounted FPV camera working off of an independent LiPo battery and 5.8Ghz transmitter which was often tacked onto the back of the battery tray. The benefit with this integrated system is that you can access it at the click of a button in the DJI Go App, the live video feed uses the trusty Lightbridge downlink system and you can change the camera angle at any time.

Inspire 2 FPV and Inspire 1 FPV cameras

Adjusting The Front Facing Camera Angle

You can change the angle of the front facing FPV camera at the click of a button – the rear mounted programmable C1 or C2 button to be precise. Out of the box pressing the C1 button will toggle the FPV camera from 90° (straight forward) to 45° (diagonal) down. Finer control over the direction can be achieved by holding down the C2 button and using the left hand shoulder wheel to adjust its position; Indeed using this method you can swing the camera slightly beyond the 45° preset as shown in the gif below.

Inspire 2 FPV camera tilt

I am let down by the fact that you can only have the FPV camera facing in a limited range of positions. Until now I was under the impression that you could have it look 90° down allowing you to see what is directly beneath the aircraft which I think would be much more beneficial than seeing ~40° below.

Change Inspire 2 FPV Feed Size and Position

Like with adjusting the angle, you can switch between having the FPV camera feed in the corner or having it large in the centre of the screen by pressing either the C1 or C2 button on the back of the controller. Expand the image below for a closer view.

Inspire 2 FPV display comparison

When you have the feed in the corner of the screen, you can adjust the size of it by either tapping the + or – button on the side of the window or by using the pinch gesture.

Inspire 2 FPV dji go app feed
Excuse the large gif, alternatively see the video above


When you have the FPV camera feed in the centre of frame, you are given a simple heads up display to tell you how much the aircraft is banking to the left or right.

Inspire 2 FPV tilt horizon

Its difficult to make out on the above GIF (although it does show the difference between the 2 axis FPV cam and the 3 axis X4S cam) so we’ve blown up this screenshot to show the outer markers providing the relationship between the craft’s banking and the horizon.

Inspire 2 FPV Artificial Horizon

My Thoughts On The Inspire 2 FPV Feature

I like it but I don’t love it. It’s undeniably a handy feature, and it does solve a problem but I feel it still has unfulfilled potential which I think could be resolved with a couple of change in a future firmware update.

  1. Add the ability to tilt the FPV camera 90° down.
  2. Have the ability to lock off each of the FPV camera’s axis independently.

Other than that, it’s a great feature! I love the picture-in-picture style which you can bring up or hide at the click of a button while still having the feed from the X5S or X4S in the background.



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