DJI Goggles for Mavic Pro FPV

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DJI Goggles for Mavic, what next?  On the 27th  September, the new Mavic was announced. But that wasn’t the only thing to get excited about.  DJI also announced the beginning of a new product. DJI Goggles. A wearable, wireless video goggle headset giving you a live HD video feed of what your DJI Mavic is seeing.

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Shipping Update:

At NAB 2017, DJI announced that shipping for the goggles will begin on the 20th May 2017.

The Tech Spec

The goggles feature two 1080p displays with an 85 degree field of view. The new Ocusync  technology (successor to the Lightbridge system) is built into the headset, allowing you to get a live HD video feed directly from the Mavic Pro without the need for wires between the headset and the controller and reducing lag.

As always, DJI love the idea of sharing. You can either give the video goggles to a friend while you fly or you can bind two goggles to one aircraft and both enjoy the immersive experience together.

At the moment, the DJI Mavic is the only aircraft that the goggles are compatible with but I would imagine you could use them with any future products using the Ocusync technology.


It’s difficult to comment on aesthetics without getting my hands on a pair but my initial thoughts on it are…They’re ginormous! Especially when comparing to a pair of Fatshark goggles. Keeping in mind that DJI released the Mavic with portability as its selling point, for a product that is supposed to be paired with the Mavic it couldn’t be further than portable if they tried.


With those points aside, it looks pretty cool! Ridiculous. But cool. They have continued their slick Phantom 4 (Apple) look with glossy white plastic and grey rubber components.

The goggles hinge from the headpiece allowing you to quickly snap the goggles up or down to switch between watching the video feed and looking with your own eyes.



How much are the DJI Goggles?

The DJI Goggles are priced at £499. That’s not cheap but it’s fairly reasonable when you compare it to the price of other video goggles on the market.


DJI Goggles vs Other Video Goggles

Video goggles are not a new idea, especially when it comes to using them for drone flying. For years now, Fatshark have been the industry leaders for drone video goggles. Particularly focusing on the FPV Racer community. So what do the DJI goggles have over Fatshark goggles?

In short, if you want video goggles for flying your DJI Mavic, you have to use the DJI Goggles. As of writing this blog, you have no other choice as the Mavic controller does not have an HDMI out port, unlike the Phantom 4 and Inspire drones.



Are the DJI Goggles worth it?

I think we can only really answer this question once we’ve received our first batch and given them a try. In theory though, from what we know so far, they sound like they provide good value for money and could be a fun addition to your drone kit, adding a whole new immersive experience and one that you can share with your friends while your flying.


We’ll be writing up a full review up on the goggles once we’ve got our hands on a pair.



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