BSD Racing Flux Marauder : Our Hands-on Review of a top truck

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BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review dirt devil
Order a BSD Racing Flux Marauder Monster Truck today!

The Flux Marauder is a powerful 1/8th scale, 4-wheel-drive remote control car from BSD Racing. At 55cm long and 45cm wide its a hulking beast of an RC truck and definitely not a toy for young children!

The Flux Marauder at a glance

  • Powerful 2260KV Brushless Motor
  • Water and Dust Resistant Sealed Gearbox
  • Shaft drive 4WD with Sealed Super Duty Driveshafts
  • Easy Access Battery trays with batteries included
  • Super Diff With 4 Bevel Gears
  • Silicone Oil Filled Big Bore Shocks
  • Twin Water Resistant Steering Servos
  • 55cm long, 45cm wide and weighing 5.1kg with batteries

What is in the box?

The Maurauder is almost ready to run. You will need 4x AA batteries and a deans-compatible LiPo charger that will balance the included 2S batteries.

Transmitter included

The included B7070 transmitter is paired to 3 channel receiver utilising the 2.4Ghz frequency. The system is reliable and we experienced no drop-outs in our testing.

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review transmitter in hand

You can flip the lid (via the rear release buttons) for the trim and dual rate adjustment. We aren’t a fan of the aesthetic (a chrome steering wheel?!) or the ergonomics but it does what it needs to.

The system is powered by AA batteries with a charge and discharge port in the base should you wish to swap out for a rechargeable pack.

Is it waterproof?

No, the electrics as a whole are not officially water proof, so we’d advise against taking it swimming like we have with our Xmaxx. The weak link in the package is the receiver, so consider upgrading that (and the ESC box) before you go puddle jumping!

What batteries would you recommend for it?

The bundled batteries are 2S 3200mAh 20c hardcase LiPo’s with deans plugs and balance connectors. They measure 138 x 39 x 24mm excluding the cable protrusion. We found they were good for around 20 minutes run-time unless you relentlessly go ‘HAM’.

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review 3200 lipo battery

The restrictive battery caddies make potential upgrades complicated. We would recommend fitting the Overlander Sport Track hardcase batteries.

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review 3200 lipo battery insertion mount

The 5300mAh of the Overlander batteries will give a considerable increase in run-time whilst giving you some overhead in terms of peak output and whilst they are a bit ‘taller’ they should squeeze in. The 30C Constant / 55C Burst rate should also make the car feel punchier. The speed controller can take up to 4S with the two batteries wired in series.

Big beefy motor

This is likely one of the larger motors you have seen in an RC car. The 2260kv motor includes not only a heatsink but also a fan to keep it cool!
Fed with 14.8volts of 4S power the torque on tap allows the truck to pull a wheelie on a grippy surface!

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review on dirt front

Effective electronics

The included Hobbywing EZRUN WP SC8 120A speed controller is a tried-and-tested reliable unit that can take up to12 cell NiMh battery packs or the 2-4 cell LiPo batteries (thus the two 2s packs included). It is wired with two deans connectors and enough spare lead to reach the ends of the battery boxes. Included alongside the manual is a programming leaflet for this ESC allowing you to fine tune the running mode, drag brake force, low voltage cutoff and other variables like braking/reverse force.

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review chassis electronics

A custom housing box keeps it and the 3-channel BSD receiver protected from rocks but its ventilated nature means it isn’t waterproof. The power and programming switch is fitted to the lid of this and there is enough clearance under the shell to get your hand up and in, to turn it on/off without body removal.

Serious steering setup

The model employs two metal-geared water-resistant units 9kg steering servos (standard size if you plan to upgrade) which sit face down on the metal chassis plate and meet via a linkage underneath. Heavy duty plastic cages have been fitted to protect them and we found they did a great job.

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review steering servos

We had some issues with the truck under-steering on tarmac but that was due to reaching the adhesion limit of the tyres, rather than the servo’s lacking any turn in strength.

Beadlock wheels and tyres

The included 1/8th wheels are a three-piece design, 6 screws securing a rim to lock the tyre bead to the barrel whilst an M12 wheel nut holds the wheel to the hub. The supplied tyres offer impressive purchase on the tarmac (see below) but with the standard diffs were a little ‘slick’ for use on loose dirt.

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review tarmac grippy turn

The Marauder had no problems firing itself along firmer surfaces or loose stones and wood-chipping. With the torque that motor can produce, those beadlocks are working hard as can be seen in the photos below. The hubs are the standard 17mm size meaning there are plenty of aftermarket alternatives out there should you want some sand paddles or the like.

Modular design cuts down complexity and repair cost

BSD have made some smart choices with the design of the truck. All of the lower arms are interchangeable, as are the upper suspension arms.
The front and rear bumpers are the same, as area the diffs, hubs and the driveshafts. This symmetrical part design means less spares to keep on hand and fewer issues when repairing.

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review chassis wide

Picking the right materials ensures parts flex and return rather than snapping in half. This of course is helped by the huge-bore oil filled adjustable shocks found at each corner, soaking up the big hits and spring just right for the weight of the truck.

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review shock towers and shocks

Further to this, the spares are impressively inexpensive, a replacement pre-assembled diff costs just £17 whilst the centre diff unit is under £13! BSD include a simple printed manual with exploded diagrams of the car (noted with part numbers) to assist with any repairs.

What is it like to drive?

If you’ve never driven a 1/8th scale you are in for a treat. Watching the Marauder head off across the beach is spectacular. Just consider the serious amount of mass (5.1kg with the batteries!) being shifted at such speed!

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review rockclimber rear

As mentioned, you may encounter some understeer under power. With the diff setup and stock tyres, the truck can struggle on really loose dirt.

However on harder stuff it has enough bite for tight turns, and when it does hook-up it will really fly. This truck is really enjoyable to drive and will take on all but the steepest of climbs whilst shrugging off impacts and rolls.

That said, with the standard speed controller setup, the braking effect is strong enough to haul it up in an emergency!

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review tarmac chipping turn

Will it Jump?

Hell yes, considering the mass involved, this truck will fly with some great hang-time! We threw it up several banks, off of several drops and it took the beating like a champ!

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review jump straight up

We failed to snap any of the suspension arms (despite some very questionable driving resulting in hard landings on tarmac), failed to bend any steering arms or crack any hubs.

Even the shell is still intact despite several landings from over 8ft onto rocks, the wrong side up!

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review when things go wrong

Would you recommend it?

When you break down everything that comes in this package, it is difficult to fault for the money. It comes with nearly everything you need to get running. The performance is fantastic for the price. It has done the rounds in the office and not one of us has managed to break it yet (completely unheard of!) which is a testament to its resilience.

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review stones throwing hard

Personally we aren’t big on the manufacturers stickers, let alone the distributor stickers, but thankfully they are all easily peeled, leaving just the yellow and black graffiti style livery and basic decals. We will be looking into compatible bodies in the future.

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review landmower

If you follow us on Instagram you might have dreamed about owning a Traxxas Xmaxx but aren’t willing to spend quite that much. In our opinion this is the closest you can get for around half the price.

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review stones jumping down

Where can I buy a Flux Marauder?

The BSD Racing Flux Marauder is available on our store now at a fantastic introductory discounted price. Checkout more BSD cars on our store. A top tip is to look for anything with Flux in the name if you want something fast.

If you don’t have one already, you will need a LiPo charger. If money is tight you could get away with Overlander’s RC3 foolproof balance charger (bear in mind its limiting max output of 1.5A) but we’d recommend Overlander’s RC-D100 that will allow you to fast charge or balance both batteries at once.

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review chippings parked front feature

What are my alternatives?

As mentioned, there are few alternatives that will give you a similar overall experience for the same, or less money. If you are looking for cheaper monster truck alternatives you could try Arrma’s Granite, a smaller, slower truck. However if you are feeling flush take a read of our experiences with the Traxxas X-maxx before readying yourself to view it on our webstore!

BSD Racing Flux Marauder Review chippings parked rear

Do you have any experiences with the Marauder or perhaps any questions about it? Leave us your comments below!



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