Absima AB1 1/10 4WD Hands On Review

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Absima are relatively ‘new kids’ on the remote-control block, but over the past year have released some interesting models; This, the Absima AB1 is a 1/10th scale, all-wheel-drive off road buggy. At only £120 it represents fantastic value for money and is ready to run right out of the box. We took it out to our local skate park to test, photograph and review this bright green RC buggy. Read on or check out our video below to see how it performed.

So what is in the box?

The AB1 is ready to run and Absima have included the battery, charger, manual and transmitter; All you will need to start bashing are four AA type batteries for the transmitter.

Absima Ab1 with transmitter rear angled

Taking control

Absima provide this CR2S v.2, it is a 2.4Ghz, 3 channel ‘wheel’ type transmitter/receiver set with failsafe (the model will cut power to the motor when out of range). Like many modern transmitters it features automatic frequency hopping technology to avoid interference and enable many models to run in the same area.

Absima Ab1 CR2S transmitter closed

Ontop of the transmitter is a translucent flap that covers the power switch and adjustments. Here you can finely tune the steering and throttle trims, reverse the input directions and adjust the dual rates.

Absima Ab1 CR2S transmitter lid

Without the four AA batteries installed (in the base, under sliding cover) the controller weighs just 305g. Overall the transmitter is nice to hold, light and functional.


A 1/10th scale buggy, the AB1 is 430mm long, 270mm wide and 140mm tall giving it a long and (bar the big rear wing) low appearance. As with most buggies the wheels are pushed out to the corners of the chassis giving it a wheelbase of 293mm.

Absima Ab1 with transmitter mound 2

Setup with some reverse rake, the lowest point at the back has 25mm clearance to the ground.

Absima Ab1 static side

With the shell but without a battery it weighs around 1.6kg. The electronics are sat on the right hand side of the chassis whilst the battery sits the opposite side of the prop shaft.

Absima Ab1 chassis front right


For a car at this price point it offers a really robust chassis. Materials have been selected to keep both weight and price down whilst not sacrificing quality.

Absima Ab1 chassis side

The lower chassis and components are largely moulded plastic in resulting in a tough by flexible construction. The front and rear knuckles are thick plastic and appear interchangeable, the manufacturer opting to add an adjustable rear control rod. Ride height is adjustable by rotating the spring seats around the oil filled dampers.

Absima Ab1 chassis suspension

The motor mount and upper chassis plate are made of metal and both shock towers receive similar treatment. Constructed out of tough 3mm aluminium they allowed the car to survive some nasty landings unscathed.

Absima Ab1 with transmitter jumpramp

Metal is used extensively in the the transmission from the axles through the steel CVD shafts to the ball bearings.

Absima Ab1 wallride

Finally the car sits on standard hex mount-wheels with 88mm tyres of staggered width front to back, 35mm/42mm respectively


The supplied 7.2v 1800mAh battery is hooked up to the electronic speed controller via the common ‘Tamiya’ style connector.

Absima Ab1 chassis rear right

This in-turn powers the 550 15T brushed motor (complete with heat sink), Absima claiming a top speed of 40kph with this setup.

Absima Ab1 motor esc electronics

The cable tidy attached to the upper deck plate is a nice touch and helps secure longer battery leads.

Absima note that LiPo batteries can be used in this model (obviously 2S) but with a C-rate of no more than 30C.

Absima Ab1 fast pass

Both the speed controller and steering servo are water resistant, allowing us to tear around the wet skatepark without issue.

Absima Ab1 surfing

In Action

Transmitter and receiver are bound out of the box so it was just a case of charging the battery, plugging it and in turning it on. The Absima AB1 is simple to control and offers a fair turn of speed, its perfect for beginners.

Absima Ab1 from below

We spend a little over half an hour tearing around the park and drained two batteries with our ‘heavy right foot’.

Absima Ab1 jump in
Absima Ab1 likes to grind

The included tyres gripped the cold concrete relatively well, allowing us to park up on some steep inclines as well as wall ride right up to the lips.

Absima Ab1 lip run

And obviously up over them 😀

Absima Ab1 launch
Absima Ab1 my people need me

The surface didn’t really challenge the all-wheel-drive system but the car would change direction without issue even when wet.

Absima Ab1 water resistance
Absima Ab1 water resistance testing

The AB1 took some heavy landings like a champ, with little more than some scuff marks to the bumpers and rear wing.

Absima Ab1 big jump
Absima Ab1 bigger crash

The servo saver was extensively tested 😉

Absima Ab1 big crash
Absima Ab1 speeding reflection

Looking for more speed? AB1 BL – Brushless Edition

Whilst a great starter car, the entry-level AB1 does lack some top end.

Absima Ab1 fast

Thankfully Absima also offer a brushless ‘BL’ edition of the AB1 resplendent with its bright orange shell. A 3421KV brushless motor and speed controller with deans connector are all set to take a high-powered LiPo battery for a top speed of 60kph.

Absima AB1 BL Brushless Edition

This model is around a third more expensive and does not come with a battery or charger.

Absima AB1 – Great value for money

In conclusion we loved the simple accessible fun this car offered. It would make a fantastic gift or beginner car

Absima Ab1 drop in high
Absima Ab1 rooster tail wide

With the majority of models at this price point, the fun is limited by power and the AB1 is no exception. The trickle charger will take a little over three and a half hours to charge the included 1800mAh battery which in itself limits your repeated run time. As such, we would advise anyone purchasing the car to buy at least one more battery (such as as HPI’s Plazma 4300mAh NiMH) and a faster charger (Absima’s own CB1S or the cheaper Pro-Peak Delta) which can be purchased as a combo deal.

The Absima AB1 ran for around 15 minutes on the included 1800mah battery, which could be increased siginficantly with a larger capacity battery such as the HPI Plazma 4300mah mentioned above.

Absima Ab1 drive away rear

Interested? The Absima AB1 is available from RC Geeks now.

Not a buggy fan? Also consider the AB1’s electric truggy brother, the Absima AT1 which offers a similar experience in a different configuration.



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