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DJI Spark Teardown components separated dismantled

DJI Spark Teardown : What’s Inside?

Have you ever wondered what makes the new DJI Spark go, but never fancied invalidating your warranty? In the latest in our series of teardowns, we handed our technicians a brand new Alpine White DJI Spark and asked them to find out what was inside.

Q32 high speed gears and handling mods

Q32 : Go faster gears and steering modifications

Released earlier this year, the Formula Q32 has proved very popular with our customers. The Q32 chassis offers that balance of punchy acceleration and fast steering that is so popular with indoor racers. Back in February we looked at circumventing the whole battery charge time issue (and also

Traxxas TRX-4 Land Rover Defender and transmitter

Hands-on the Traxxas TRX-4 Land Rover Defender

Ever since the Nuremburg toy fair back in February, we have been excited about the prospect of a genuine scale Land Rover Defender. Previously to achieve such a look, you would have had to go for a custom body over a modified crawler chassis. So we were hyped to

Makerfire Brushless Tiny Whoop : Binding and Configuring tutorial

Finding your Tiny Whoop a little on the slow side? Well Makerfire are back with two brushless Tiny-Whoop style quadcopters and these things are fast! The new drones offer incredible performance but are less accessible to FPV racing beginners. As such we have put together this

Hands on the DJI Spark Yellow Red Green Blue

Hands on the DJI Spark Colours at the UK launch event

At the end of May DJI invited us along to Brocket Hall in Hatfield for a unique opportunity to get our hands on the all-new Spark drone. In this blog i’ll share my experiences using and piloting the craft in the multiple flight modes available. I’ll also

DJI Goggles with box high

DJI Goggles Unboxing and Hands-On Review

After months of waiting, we’ve finally got our hands on the much awaited DJI Goggles! We’ve spent the past week compiling our experiences into the review / guide you see below. In this blog we unbox the goggles, discuss how to set them up (in terms of fitment and connection)

DJI Spark Release

DJI Spark pre-order and UK release information

This afternoon was the much-awaited DJI Spark release. The much-leaked drone was officially announced during their #SeizeTheMoment event, live from Grand Central Station in New York. The DJI Spark release marks a new direction from DJI, pushing their accessible and safe hardware towards the average consumer for casual use

DJI Mavic Dual Remote Controller Mode

A few weeks ago DJI released a new feature called Dual Remote Controller Mode. This allows you to use two remotes to control the drone although the master controller has priority and can override the secondary (also known as slave) controller inputs. This is ideal for training

Pilots Desktop

DJI Mavic Pro : Hands-On Expert Review

Three of our drone experts review the DJI Mavic Pro. Between them, our staff have years of experience flying a wide range of quadcopters. Following a few months testing the DJI Mavic Pro, we sat down with them to ask their opinions on the new drone. Interested in

NAB 2017: Top 5 Drone Products

The world of film and photography turned its eyes to NAB in Las Vegas last week to see what new tech was being unveiled by some of the industry giants. Here’s our top 5 new drone related products that caught our eye.