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  • DJI Spark Teardown : What’s Inside?

    Have you ever wondered what makes the new DJI Spark go, but never fancied invalidating your warranty? In the latest in our series of teardowns, we handed our technicians a brand new Alpine White DJI Spark and asked them to find out what was inside. Related posts: DJI Mavic Pro Teardown: What’s inside? DJI Inspire 2 …   Read More

  • Flying the DJI Mavic Pro with Smartphone WIFI

    The DJI Mavic can be flown with either the controller or using your smartphone. In this blog post we’ll focus on how to setup the Mavic using your smartphone and what differences there are compared to using the standard controller.  Related posts: DJI Mavic Pro Teardown: What’s inside? DJI Mavic Pro Hands On Review Tutorial: How …   Read More

  • DJI Mavic Pro Teardown: What’s inside?

    What’s inside the DJI Mavic Pro drone? We’ve already established that the Mavic is an amazing machine, but the geek inside us want to open it up to see what makes up this latest masterpiece of technology. In this post we dismantle the only Mavic we have (carefully), and show you the contents. Related posts: …   Read More

  • Eachine Wizard X220S (not X220) Full Setup Guide

    So, you’ve just picked yourself up a brand new Eachine Wizard X220S only to rip open the packaging and discover...

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