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Inspire 2 spin blog

DJI Inspire 2 – QuickSpin Review

When the Inspire 2 was released, I was surprised to find out that there is still a physical limit of about 320′ left and right of the centre point on the cameras pan axis. I’m not sure what the technical reason behind them not being able to

DJI Ronin 2 Announced – A more powerful, flexible video stabiliser

A more powerful, flexible and versatile DJI Ronin 2 was announced at NAB in Las Vegas. The headline features include the new carbon fibre monopod frame, more powerful motors for increased payload, redesigned remote transmitter and built-in control touchscreen. We take a look at what is new with DJI’s flagship professional

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced

What’s new on the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced?

The decision to discontinue the Phantom 4 ‘standard’ (following the end of the 3 Advanced and Professional models) has left the Phantom lineup looking quite sparse. So it isn’t surprising that DJI have now announced a new model to bridge the gap. In this blog we take

DJI Spark Rumours and release date

This week the internet is awash with rumours of a brand new drone. Never shy of innovating, DJI appear to be on the verge of releasing a new quadcopter codenamed ‘MM1A’ which many suspect will be the new DJI Spark. In this updating post we catch up

Taranis Q X7 in use

FrSKY’s Taranis Q X7 Transmitter – A budget alternative to the Taranis Plus X9D?

The Taranis Q X7 is a 16 channel transmitter from control experts Fr Sky. We take a look at the features of the new controller and compare it with its big brother the Taranis Plus X9D, a current favourite for pilots of all types. In the Box The Q X7 is

DJI Inspire 2 FPV Camera Feed

One of the key features that sets the Inspire 2 aside from the first version is the integrated, 2 axis stabilised, front facing FPV camera. This new feature allows the pilot to always see what is directly in front of the aircraft, regardless of what

NYC DFF Banner

NYC Drone Film Festival

The New York City Drone Film Festival is the worlds largest dedicated drone film festival and it’s quickly approaching. On the 18th of March the doors open for the 2 day event, screening the best of the best in the world of drone filming and talks from some of

The Radiolink Transmitter and Receiver Range

Here in the office the Spektrum’s DX and Fr Sky’s Taranis ranges of transmitters have ruled the roost for quite some time; So we were intrigued to watch the recent rise in popularity for relatively new manufacturer Radiolink. Offering full featured, quality transmission and receiver hardware at lower

Q32 mods featured

Formula Q32 Upgrades : FPV camera & removable battery

With the launch of the Q32 Baja buggy a couple of years ago came the birth of a Q32 upgrades scene. Its easy to see why even the basic micro cars are popular, inexpensive and ideal for indoor use whether at home or in the office.

Formula Q32 Racing Cars

HPI Racing Formula Q32 Mini Racer

Following the huge success of the Q32 Baja Buggy, HPI are back with the Formula Q32 racer. These small 1/32nd scale rear wheel drive cars are designed for indoor use, ideal for tearing around the home or office. In this blog we take a look