Spektrum DX5C DSMR AVC 5CH Radio w/SRS6000 Receiver

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The amazing DX5C is the perfect savvy solution for bashers, boaters and scalers who want a staggering list of advanced features that includes the virtually unlimited possibilities 5-channel control offers. Built around frequency-agile, DSMR® 2.4GHz technology, you can use the DX5C in any type of surface application, including boats. Its range and response, particularly in noisy 2.4GHz environments, are superb. It's also backwards compatible with DSM2® Spektrum receivers. This means most longtime Spektrum users can continue to use the receivers they have. They'll only need to upgrade if they want the robust 2.4GHz interference protection a DSMR receiver can deliver.

Fits the Way You Drive

The Spektrum DX5C has many advanced programming features. So naturally it comes with advanced-level ergonomics such as an easy-to-read screen, optional dropdown steering wheel and large grip.

Fits the Way You Drive

Intuitive SimpleScroll™ Programming Interface

Sophisticated programming isn't worth much if it's a pain to use. The SimpleScroll interface makes navigating menus and changing settings as simple as 'scroll and click.' It's so easy to use, most users can complete complex programming tasks without ever having to look at the manual..


AVC® Programming

The DX5C makes it possible to custom tune the AVC (Active Vehicle Control™) system by providing easy-access to dedicated adjustments. In addition, open channels of the DX5C can be used to adjust the AVC steering and throttle systems independently. No matter what you're driving, AVC technology can easily meet your skill level or driving style with control that makes it feel like you're driving a finely tuned vehicle that handles beautifully at every speed.


6-Channel Spektrum™ SRS6000 AVC Receiver

No matter what vehicle you drive, if you don't have AVC, it's likely that you are not taking advantage of its full potential. AVC technology creates a more enjoyable driving experience by managing the vehicle's driving characteristics and attitude. This translates into more control for you and a more manageable vehicle regardless of the driving environment. By adding the SRS6000 6-channel receiver you get frequency-agile DSMR technology that delivers superb range and response, plus the boost of AVC technology that makes fine-tuning AVC right from the transmitter easy.

Spektrum™ SRS6000 AVC Receiver


  • Five-Channel, Full-Proportional Versatility
  • Frequency-Agile, Spektrum™ DSMR® 2.4GHz technology
  • Removable, Non-Slip Rubber Grips
  • Back Button Makes Navigating the Interface more Intuitive
  • Steering Mix, 4-Wheel Steering Mixing, plus One Assignable Mix
  • Bind-Progress Screen Displays Status and Frame Rate
  • Program and Fine-Tune
  • Compatible AVC® Receivers
  • Compatible with DSMR receivers
  • EN328 Compatible
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Wheel and Trigger Calibration
  • Built-in tone alarm will alert you whenever the battery voltage is low, or the transmitter is left inactive with the power on.
  • Servo Monitor system lets you see the channels react to your commands and avoid unintentional interaction.

What's In The Box:

  • 1x Spektrum™ DX5C Transmitter
  • 1x SRS6000 AVC Receiver
  • 1x Bind Plug
  • 1x Manual

Required to Run:

  • 4x AA Batteries