PolarPro LiteChaser Photography Kit for iPhone 11

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  • Case with Handle and Polarising Filter for iPhone 11
  • The handle has 1/4 thread on both ends
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The case and handle are the essential elements of this kit to create stunning pictures with the iPhone 11. The set is perfectly rounded by a circular polarization filter. Whatever scenery you encounter on your paths – accompanied by iPhone 11 and this set – you have the best conditions to capture all the unforgettable landscapes, clouds and light moods with iPhone 11 in stunning images.

The flexible black case has a hard protective edge that can mitigate some impact. Together with the handle, it forms the basis of the PolarPro LiteChaser Pro series. They are the most important parts of this series. With the special handle, you can attach it in four places of the case, you have significantly more control over the iPhone 11, both in landscape and portrait format.

A 1/4-inch thread on the ends of the handle even allows attachment to a tripod. The case also has more than just one function: it also serves as a holder for the high-quality filters of the PolarPro LiteChaser Pro series. It is one of the most important photo filter types ever. Polarising filters have a rotary socket to enable effects such as higher colour saturation and at the same time to control the degree of their effect.

Even a particularly amazing effect is achieved only by means of polarising filters: it reduces reflections on water surfaces and glass (e.g. shop windows), actually on all non-metallic surfaces. Objects that are under or behind these surfaces become more visible by using a polarization filter, this amazing effect is not achieved with any image editing program! The LiteChaser Pro Series Circular PolarPro Series consists of two PolarPro Cinema Series lenses.

The quick release bracket of the polarising filter fits exactly with the protective cover of the LiteChaser Pro series. It sits firmly and securely there. If you want to leave it permanently on the go, you can protect the glass from dust, dirt and scratches with the corresponding lid.