Polar Pro Quartzline 77mm ND16/PL Filter

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QuartzLine filters are made of 99.9% pure fused quartz for unrivalled durability and optical clarity. These single lens element, fused quartz filters produce a very low refractive index of 1.46 and offer outstanding temperature stability. The over-engineered brass filter frames thread on smoothly and are built to withstand your most rugged adventures.

Featuring optical coatings for a hyper neutral color profile, near perfect target transmission, and multi coatings for enhanced scratch resistance, water resistance, anti-reflectivity and reduced vignetting in wide angle shots, QuartzLine filters let content creators bring true-to-life colors to their final product, from the most extreme locations on the planet.

  • Fused Quartz Glass Element - Resolves up to 100MP sensors
  • Brass Frame - Smooth threading and increased durability
  • Perfect Color Neutrality - New coating process for zero color shift
  • 16 Coating Layers - Anti-scratch / anti-oil / hydrophobic coatings


  • 4 Stops
  • Photo - Reduces depth of field. Longer exposures during sunset/sunrise. Helps reduce glare.
  • Video - Reduces shutter speed to cinematic levels while maintaining a low aperture. Reduces glare.

What's In The Box:

  • 1x Filter
  • Hard Case
  • Soft Case
  • Cleaning Cloth