PolarPro IRIS Filter Expansion Pack

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Official Polar Pro IRIS Filter Expansion Pack.

The Iris Expansion filter set includes an ND64 (6-stop), ND128 (7-stop), and ND256 (8-stop). PolarPro designed this expansion set for Iris users who film in bright, outdoor lighting. Typically, these filter densities will be needed to get shutter speed to 1/50th with an ISO of 100 on iPhone cameras. Each filter has 8 layers of coatings on each side to reduce ghosting and severe flaring, all on top of PolarPro's production-grade Cinema Series glass. These filters retain outstanding color neutrality and sharpness for film-makers obsessive over image quality.

  • Includes ND64, ND128 and ND256 filters only (Iris Filter System sold separately).
  • Cinema Series glass provides outstanding colour neutrality and sharpness.
  • Ideal for filming in very bright/outdoor lighting conditions.
  • Machined aluminium grip for easily changing filters without getting fingerprints on glass.
  • Lifetime Warranty.

What's In The Box:

  • ND64, ND128 and ND256 filters

Required to Run:

  • PolarPro IRIS Mobile Filter System