Mi Robot Vacuum Roborock 2

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  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Object avoidance
  • Mop for hard floors

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The Mi Robot Vacuum Roborock 2 comes with a lot of features that will make your life much easier especially when it comes to cleaning your floor, perfect for all the bare floor types including tile, laminate and hardwood floor, because of its mopping feature. It's even perfect for carpets as the intelligent carpet identification recognises the carpet and turns on the maximum mode for a high-quality deep cleaning. You can forget about hair everywhere you see because the Mi Robot Vacuum Roborock 2 prevents the hair tangling with the three anti-hair designs on the wheel, side brush and rolling brush. This tangle-free design makes it easier to collect long human hair and pet hair without it getting tangled around the main brush. Equipped with intelligent mechanisms such as intelligent carpet identification, mapping function, the ability to choose the most efficient path of cleaning etc, this device works for 2.5 hours having the 2000 Pa of suction power.

Smart Navigation Technology

The Roborock is equipped with 13 sensors including the SLAM algorithm and the Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) that scans the room at 5×360 degrees per second. This Laser Distance Sensor maps out the interior helping the robot to better navigate around while the Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping calculates the most efficient way of cleaning without getting lost. The 4 cliff sensors help the robot to avoid failure and a wall sensor keeps the device from bumping at a distance of 10mm. The Roborock was designed with 3mm slight collision and an extra soft crash bumper to protect your furniture and technology called the “omnidirectional pressure sensor” can now avoid areas where the robot bumps with its “head”. The drop sensor activates when the robot is lifted so it stops working immediately and the double Electronic Sensor identifies virtual walls.

The Upgraded MiJia App

The Mijia app allows you to monitor the cleaning process, schedule the cleaning time whenever you want even multiple times in a day, create virtual walls, upgrade it to the new version and choose the name of your new friend. Track the whole process and manage your robot even when you are away from home. The app will show the map of the house and you can easily navigate the vacuum by drawing the special area of the map on your phone or by tapping on your screen and it will go towards the target. The three processors located inside the robot track its movements in real-time allowing you to follow it's movements and make sure their is no skiving off the housework. If you need to clean the floor because of the visitors coming in the evening but you are not home, just press “start” on your screen and by the time you are home, Roborock has already finished its job.


  • Recharge & Resume - The improved charging base has a protection from over-current, overvoltage, and short circuit. Once the battery power is low your vacuum returns to the base to recharge but If it hasn't finished the job, it will carry on once recharged.
  • 2000 Pa motor makes the The Mi Robot Vacuum Roborock 2 one of the most powerful robot vacuums in the industry.
  • 5200 mAh battery allowing for about 2.5 hours of cleaning time or about 250 square meters (2700 sq. ft).
  • 2 functions: sweeping & mopping
  • MiJia app
  • Washable HEPA filter, great for people who suffer from asthma or allergies (extra filters are not included and will need to be purchased separately and changed once a year).
  • The ability to overcome obstacles up to 2cm height
  • Intelligent identification of carpets.
  • The tornado system coordinates the side and roller brushes providing deep floor cleaning.
  • 13 sensors including LDS
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Tangle-free design

What's In The Box:

  • Mi Robot Vacuum Roborock 2
  • Charging Dock
  • Charge Cable
  • Mopping Pad
  • Water Tank
  • Brush Cleaning Tool