Maverick Quantum 9KG Metal Geared Servo


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This water-resistant servo is ideal for bashers and racers looking for a tough and durable servo that can be used in wet conditions (e.g. rain, snow, puddles).


  • Operating Voltage: 6V
  • Speed: 0.25 sec/60 degrees
  • Torque: 8.5kg-cm
  • Servo Spline: 25T


  • Main case: 40.0x42.0x20.0mm (excluding mounting tabs, servo spline, & cable outlet)
  • Mounting tab hole centres: 48.5x10.0mm
  • 58g (excluding servo horn)

NOTE: This servo is water-resistant only, meaning it is resistant to splashes and brief contact with water. It is not waterproof and therefore not suitable for submerged used.