InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle


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  • 31mph Top Speed
  • 75 Mile Max Range
  • Built-in Stand
  • Dual Charge Ports
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The InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle in detail

The V11 is Inmotion' largest unicycle yet. With an 18-inch wheel it provides brilliant stabilitiy and comfort when riding and with a 2000W motor twice the size of that in the V10F, it features a top speed of 31mph!

InMotion have always taken rider safety very seriously and the V11 has been designed with this in mind. The V11 pedals are fit with griptape, improvements have been made to the durability of the lift handle and it can support up to 120kg in weight.

The new 84v battery pack is built from 21700 cells boats up to 75 miles of range and a charging time of just 5 hours when using the two chargers.


  • 18x3" Tyre
  • Built-In Air Suspension
  • Responsive Brake Light
  • Large Pedals with Grip Tape
  • Dual Charge Ports
  • Leading Cooling System
  • Fold-Up Handle
  • Bright Headlight
  • Built-In Stand
  • Improved Control Board
  • Custom-Made Motor


  • Max Range - 75 Miles
  • Max Speed - 31mph
  • Motor Power - 2000W
  • Battery - 1500Wh 84V
  • Charge Time - 5 Hours
  • Weight - ~27KG
  • Max Payload - 120KG
  • Charger - 84V, 1.5A