HPI Racing Vorza Flux HP Brushless Buggy 2.4Ghz RTR

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Record Breaker

The 4WD Vorza Flux HP is HPI's fastest buggy, able to reach speeds up to 51 mph with the correct batteries (or even 64mph with the correct batteries, spur and pinion gears!). The Flux Blur speed controller takes 2 batteries, allowing you to plug in up to 6S of LiPo cells for the impressive top speeds and incredible acceleration!

Vorza Record Breaker

Feature Packed

At 50 x 20 cm, the Vorza is a big beast even for 1/8th scale. It arrives full assembled and set-up with a painted body and 2.4Ghz radio system. Long suspension arms, front and rear sway bars ensure fantastic handling whilst and adjustable steel turnbuckles, adjustable toe in and threaded shock bodies allow for fine tuning. The large black wheels are fitted with HB/HPI Proto all-terrain tyres, ideal for any surface. Overall this is a serious machine for experienced RC enthusiasts wanting the most out of a model.

Vorza Featured

Batteries Not included

Whilst built and ready-to-run, the Vorza will require batteries for the model and battery, plus a charger for use. Everyone has their own preferences but we would reccomend a high power LiPo or two (with deans-connectors) from HPI Racing, with suitable burst rating. If you would like advice on cells and chargers, get in touch with our sales team who will guide you through the options.

Vorza Batteries

Exceptional Electronics

A powerful Flux brushless system is fitted to the Vorza, consisting of a Tork 2200 motor and Blur speed controller. The motor has a 5mm shaft and is compatible with a selection of pinion gears to fine tune for acceleration or out and out speed. The included ELC-6S speed controller can take two 3S LiPo batteries and feeds the motor via thick 12-gauge wiring and bullet connectors. HPI even offer a USB programming kit for the ESC that allows power delivery, braking, throttle curves, battery cutoff and more to be configured from a windows-based computer!

Vorza Electrics

Fully Adjustable

The Vorza features competition level adjustability. An inverse steering Block design, thick anodized aluminum steering link, optional hinge pin holes for the rear uprights, an adjustable roll centre, thick turnbuckle links, aligned king pin and universal joint pivots, sway bar, steel turnbuckles and more. It really is the best you can buy!

Vorza Adjustability

Reliable Drivetrain

The D8 spiral cut worm-gear differntials are fitted to the Vorza to increase reliablility. These tend to be stronger than straight-cut gears meaning more driving and less servicing. The diffs are sealed and thus their action can be adjusted with thicker or thinner oils, for fine tuning your setup.

Vorza drivetrain

Advanced Suspension Setup

HPI have fitted four 16mm big bore shocks to the Vorza, giving it incredible balance and off road ability. Each of the struts is metal-bodied with adjustments for right height. A range of pistons are included so you can finely adjust the oil dampers.

Vorza Suspension