Gamevice Controller for iPad Pro 10.5"

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Rekindle your love of mobile gaming with Gamevice for the iPad Pro 10.5".

The Gamevice snuggly holds the iPad Pro 10.5" safe and secure for when the going gets rough. Gamevice has every trigger and button necessary for the most complex of games improving on the classic controllers and keeping up with the contemporary controllers.

It is also compatible with the DJI Go 4 app, allowing you to pilot your DJI Spark (via wifi) with gamepad controls! This is ideal for Spark owners who do not own the expensive DJI transmitter and enables them to finely control their drone with accurate analogue sticks and other hardware buttons. Check out our blog review for more information on flying your drone with the Gamevice.

Since it is powered by the iPad Pro 10.5", the Gamevice never needs charging and is always ready to go! Should your iPad Pro 10.5" need recharging simply plug your lightning connector into the pass-through connector port to continue playing.

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  • Dual Analog Joysticks
  • A, B, X, Y Buttons
  • D-Pad
  • L1, R1 Bumpers
  • L2, R2 Triggers
  • Menu Button
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • Lightning Receptacle
  • Lightning Connector


  • Package size 378×65×165 mm
  • Weight: 1110 g

What's In The Box:

  • 1x Gamevice Controller (iPad Pro 10.5")

Required to Run:

  • Compatible iPad Pro 10.5"