Divoom Timebox Evo


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The Timebox Evo is one of the best gifts one can buy for a friend or for themselves, it really makes a great addition to one's desk or bedside table with its fully customizable 16x16 RGB LED pixel display and a very powerful Bluetooth speaker


  • Alarm
    The Alarm is easy to set and you can choose from pre-set sounds like ambient forest sounds to Ocean waves or Birds and more - OR your music. Its nice to use the sleep mode and listen to light ambient sounds while you go to sleep (it will then turn off after a pre-set time)!

  • Customisable
    The LED display is fully customisable which you can have a lot of fun with or simply choose from LOTS of pre-made or new ones (These can be still or animated too. You can even scroll some text across LEDs)

  • Smart Clock
    When days go by so quickly it’s hard to keep track of the current time. With Timebox-EVO’s feature called pixel clock, don’t search for the time anymore. Get it just when you need it at a glance on your clock.

  • Display Option
    There are many options for the LED display that you can choose to use or disable by choice - for example, it can switch between displaying the time, the temperature, date, etc, or just simply just the time. Show your personality, create an atmosphere.
  • Pixel-Art
    Pixel art is so easy and fun to create on Timebox Evo. You can choose an image and convert it to pixel art design in real time. Or you can create multi-ad pixel art and play them back-to-back to create video effect"

  • Timebox-Evo
    Timebox-Evo is the 4th generation of the Divoom pixel art speaker series. With the smart mobile app "Divoom" users can create pixel art and have access to many other great and useful functions. With the auto sleep timer you ensure a great listening and playing experience.

  • Divoom Community
    Join the millions of users in our online pixel art gallery & community. Sharing your creations, liking each other's designs and following your favourite artists - this is the platform for all pixel art lovers that brings a lot of joy.