CAME-TV Boltzen Magnetic Snap Fit Modifier Kit

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  • Fits Boltzen 30 and 55W LED Lights
  • Quickly Attach Modifiers Magnetically
  • Add Creative Colors and Diffusion
  • Tighten Beam Angle for Spot Lighting
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The Boltzen Magnetic Snap Fit Modifier Kit from Came-TV is a combination of modifier designed to expand the performance of select Boltzen focusable fresnel LED lights.

The base of the kit is a magnetic grip ring that slides snugly on the front of the bullet shaped LED light. The magnetic catches built into the grip ring allow the modifiers to easily snap into place and even stack for increased versatility.

The modifiers include a grid, a filter holder with 24 assorted gels, and a diffuser dome.

Filter Holder with Colour Gels

The round gel filter holder comes complete with an assortment of 24 creative colour gels including a white diffusion filter and a transparent filter.

Grid Spot

The grid tightens the light's beam angle for spot lighting the subject. It can be stacked on top of the gel filter holder for a coloured accent light.

Diffuser Dome

When a wide, soft light spread is required, the diffuser dome provides a wide light wash.