3Racing Sakura D4 RWD Black Edition Drift Car


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  • Self-assembly kit
  • Bespoke design for drifting
  • Does not include electronics
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Fantastic Chassis Design

Effectively 'mid' mounted, the motor fits just forward of the rear wheels, whilst the battery can be either mid-mounted or hung over the rear diffuser depending on the drivers preference for weight balance . Adjustable Y arm front suspension allows for extreme camber and the lower arms allow for 15 degrees of front caster. 65 degree ultra-wide-angle driveshafts are employed to keep the wheels spinning at these extreme angles. All four 55mm suspension struts feature oil dampers, the bodies threaded for adjustment. The kit is finished with satin gold twin-spoke wheels pre-mounted with high performance drift tyres.

Electronics not included

A chassis kit, the D4 does not feature any power, control or transmission equipment. At a bare minimum you will need a 2-Channel radio system (transmitter and receiver), battery and charger, motor and speed controller plus a steering servo. This is on top of screw drivers and allen wrenches. All of this is available on our store but feel free to contact us for assistance.

Requires Construction

Note that this is a chassis kit so will require construction, which many will see as half of the fun. An experienced builder can easily have it up and running in a day.

Pimp your Ride

3Racing offer a wide selection of spares and hop ups for the chassis. Indeed the availablility of such parts is what initially attracted us to the manufacturer. From solid rear axles, gear sets, motor coolers, to aluminium battery trays, there are Sakura hop-ups for your needs.