Buying Guide : ND Filters

Camera Filters

Using a filter can not only protect your camera but also alters the images it takes. Find out more in our in-depth blog article.

What are Filters for?

  • They protect the front element of your camera/drone lens
  • Control the amount of light hitting the sensor (Learn about ND)
  • Control the direction of light hitting the sensor (Read about CPL)
  • Select which wavelengths of light hit the sensor (Colour tinting)

Which ND Filters do I need?

ND usage is situational. As light levels change you will need to switch to a different filter to maintain the correct exposure and or shutter speed. As such we recommend picking up a pack of filters to cover all eventualities:

What do CPL Filters do?

We use polarising filters to cut down glare, reduce reflection and make the image appear more vivid.

What are Filters for?

  • Filters scattered light, increases contrast, adjust reflections
  • Most feature an adjustment ring to modify angle of polarisation
  • Use with care, take note of the angle of the sun to the target and camera

Which CPL Filters do I need?

CPL filters are complex and should be used with care. For versatility consider ones stacked ontop of ND filters:

PolarPro: Filters for creatives

Reknowned for producing lightweight, high-quality filters used by film professionals worldwide. Browse Polarpro filters

DJI: Factory-fit quality filters

As manufacturers of the worlds finest quadcopters, DJI have perfect-fit filters for all of their drones. Browse DJI filters

What do Graduated and Colour-tint filters do?

Graduated filters help increase effective dynamic range, and are also great for creative adjustment.

What are Filters for?

  • Orange gradient filters can add warmth to an image to improve a sunset
  • Blue gradient can cool a sky and add intensity to the ground
  • Like circular polarisers, use care when aligning the filter orientation

Do I need a filter for my drone?

We are always looking to improve our drone photos and videos, but can a filter help us do that? What on earth is an ND? Do I need a CPL? On our blog we attempt to answer these questions, looking at how using a filter can not only protect but also how it alters the images the camera takes. Read the full article on the RC Geeks blog