Buying Guide : Hobby Drones

What are hobby drones?

Looking for a bit of fun? Look no further than our range of hobby drones! These are typically small quadcopters that come all ready to fly, at a relatively inexpensive price. As such they make fantastic christmas or birthday gifts. Typically all that is needed to start flying is a set of batteries for the transmitter.

Are they hard to fly?

Hobby drones are easy to fly and ideal for beginners. The majority of these smaller aircraft (15cm and under) come with a transmitter with the same stick control layout as the bigger models, making them perfect for learning the basics of flight. Some of the more expensive models such as Hubsan's X4 Camera Plus even have altitude 'lock' to make them easier to pilot.

Hobby drones like the X4 are simple to fly

Can I fly indoors?

Thanks to their small form factor, they can be flown indoors for quick practise sessions. Some of them even come with propeller guards, so they can survive the occasional bump into a wall and continue flying . The RC Geeks staff have even used hobby quadcopters, such as the Hubsan X4, to deliver sweets to colleagues in the office.

What happens if I crash?

Or rather when you crash. Thankfully most of the drones are made from flexible plastic and will take quite a beating. The propellers are the component that tends to take the brunt of any crash and as such many come with spare props included. We offer a 'crash pack' for the Hubsan X4 that includes a new body, propellers, battery and motor. With the cheap price point of hobby drones, many consider them expendable.

hobby drones make excellent stocking fillers

How much do they cost?

The fun starts from around £20 with either the snappily titled SBEGO FQ777 or the ever popular Hubsan Nano. Mid-range models with cameras come in around £50. Then at the very top, the Hubsan X4 FPV Plus Quadcopter would be considered our 'top of the range' hobby drone. At £180 it may seem expensive but it does feature a live video feed from the onboard camera to a screen on the transmitter giving the pilot a first person view.

Where can I find more?

You can learn more about hobby drones on our christmas gift buying blog here.