Buying Guide : Gadgets

Gadgets make ideal gifts!

BB8 Star wars droid

Stuck looking for an inspiring, innovative or exciting present for a loved one? We have a great collection of tech & toys, providing inspiration for anyone shopping for a gadget enthusiast!

Beat the trends and make this Christmas or Birthday one to remember. Let them relive that story from a long time ago (in a galaxy far away) with the latest remote control star wars collectible. Survey the office from the ceiling, with a smartphone-controlled lightweight-plane. Inspire the young inventors with our tech tribe of programmable robots.

With products starting from as little as £30, our gadgets section has plenty to choose from for even the budget conscious shopper; Just don’t forget the batteries!

We prefer to avoid gimmicks and only recommend quality products we are proud of. Our team extensively try and test them all, ensuring that only the best tech makes the cut!

Flying Toys

Toby rich smart plane

Gliders and mini drones are by far our favourite gadgets. For novices they provide an ideal gateway to the world of flight for, thanks to the autopilot assistance many models now offer.

Often controlled by a smartphone but sometimes via an included transmitter, then can be safely ‘up in the air’ in a matter of minutes. Whilst most our are intended for indoor use, many are highly capable allowing you to explore the outer reaches of the garden safe from your sofa.

If you are looking for something a little more substantial for taking photos/video or even FPV racing, we suggest checking out our quadcopters section.


Robot goalkeeper

Inspiring curiosity and invention (or as a result of a fascination with science-fiction) robots capture the imagination of many. Whether they are employed to vacuum your house, mow your lawn or respond to your spoken requests, robots have become part of our everyday life.

Our robots come in a range of shapes and sizes, from rolling remote controlled cylinders to anthropoid models capable of walking! The more detailed ones have their own coding languages allowing them to be ordered at will through various macros.

They are also the ideal learning tool for introducing children into basic programming and logic through gameplay. Some robots are charged via induction, programmed with smartphone apps and controlled wirelessly via bluetooth; familiarising youngsters with a whole host of technologies at a level they can understand.

*Please note that some products are not suitable for children under the age of 8 years old. See the product description for further details.