Looking for an upgrade or replacement transmitter/receiver for your model? Aiming to boost your range with a polarised antenna? Wanting to record every jump, spin and crash on an action camera; Or looking for a gimbal to capture the smoothest footage possible? Our Equipment section covers control/video transmission, recording and the revelvant tools.

  • Radio Gear

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    From two channel wheel transmitters for RC Cars to multi channel solutions for complex quadcopters, see our range of radio gear.

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  • Camera Gear

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    We supply a wide range of video stabilisation solutions from professional level active steadcams to inexpensive handheld go pro gimbals.

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  • FPV Parts

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    We love FPV racing and are constantly expanding our range of transmitters, goggles, racers & spares to support the community.

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  • All of the tools

    All of the tools

    We stock a wide range of specialist tools best for working with the products we sell. Everything from screwdrivers and sockets to cutting and calibration, you can find here.

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  • Extra Equipment

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    Looking for a servo tester, a voltmeter or just some more memory cards for your new drone? Everything else can be found in our extra equipment section..

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Popular items in Equipment

Professional Video Stablisation

Building on our experience of active gimbal-stabilised drone cameras we have expanded our product range to include professional grade stabilisation systems for use in film and TV production. DJI’s Ronin and Ronin-M offer an alternative to a steadycam at a fraction of the cost.

Professional Video Stablisation

Handheld Stabilisation

Active camera stabilisation, previously the reserve of the professionals, is now available to the consumer at an inexpensive price point. Stabilisers from FeiyuTech and DJI are are available for all budgets and ideal for cycling, snowboarding, motorsports or just attaching to your RC car!

Handheld Stabilisation

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