Wheels & Tyres

We have a selection of remote control wheels & tyres suitable for your on-road or off-road RC Car.

Our range includes soft/hard compound monster truck tyres as well as hard on-road tyres for drifting.

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Wheels & Tyres
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3Racing Sakura D4 26mm Drift Tyres
In Stock
Absima Front Wheel and Tyre Set Buggy
In Stock
Absima Rear Tire Set (2) Buggy
In Stock
Axial 1.9 Maxxis Trepador Tyres R35 2pcs
In Stock
Axial 2.2 Ripsaw Tyres R35 Compound 2pcs
In Stock
HPI DY-Champion 26mm Chrome Wheels
In Stock

Wherever you plan on taking your car, we have the wheels and tyres to suit it. For on-road cars, we have hard, slick tyres, which are perfect for drifting, as well as grippy rubber tyres which are better suited for touring cars. If you plan on going off road, browse our range of heavy-duty tyres which are ready for anything.

We have plenty of both wheels and tyres available for most of the car models we sell so with popular brands like HPI, Maverick and Absima you will never struggle to find spare or new different designed parts.

Popular Products in Wheels & Tyres

Carerra RSR Wheels

1/10 Wheels Porsche Carrera RSR 1973 0mm

  • Vintage True Ten scale looks
  • Avail in 0mm or 6mm offset
  • For the Porsche Carerra RSR
Dominator HPI RS4 Sport 3 Subaru Brz Drift Car

Absima Mesh Wheels With Profile A Drift Tyres Black/Chrome

  • 1/10th scale wheels
  • Pre-mounted Drift Tyres
  • Deep dish looks