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DJI Ronin-MX Gimbal

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Please note :The camera shown in some of the pictures is not included.

Aerial Work Compatible

The Ronin-MX has been designed by DJI to fit a large range of high-end cameras used on film sets. It has been designed so that it can also be mounted on to the Matrice 600 Hexacopter for high quality aerial photography and cinematography.

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For Professionals

Extending the flexibility of the original ronin, the Ronin-MX has been redesigned to offer filmmakers a system for both land and aerial work. It offers the same excellent SmoothTrack performance but with new silent motors, ideal for shooting on quiet sets. The battery has been repositioned to improve balance and stability has been increased with a camera cage that secures from both the top and the bottom.

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Camera Payload

The Ronin-MX suports a wide range of DSLR's such as the Canon's full frame 5D range. It also supports the Black Magic cinema cameras, Arri Alexa Mini and Red Dragon. The gimbal suports a reference load weight of 4.5kg but note the maximum weight when using the M600 to lift the rig is 3.85kg. With the option to mount two batteries and with its built in power distribution box, the Ronin MX is ideal for cameras requiring their own power source.

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Powerful and Accurate

The MX is suitable for 'high G-force' environments where there are changes in acceleration and deceleration, employing powerful motors and IMU's to maintain stability and hold the horizon when mounted to aircraft of vehicles. It can communicate with the flight controlller when connected to the M600 and it can also be hooked up to an optional GPS module when used on the ground further.

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Freedom To Move

Part of the MX redesign is the inclusiuon of a slip ring, allowing the gimbal to rotate 360° when mounted to the M600 or a car. The gimbal now has an increased tilt access beyond 90° 'straight down' to 135°. The three main modes of operation, underslung, upright and briefcase are still present with full smoothtrack technology.

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Wireless Control

Compatible with Lightbridge 2, the Ronin MX is acapable of long-range video transmission up to 3.1miles away. Combined with the DJI Focus and focus expansion module, both focus and aperture can be remotely controlled with just a twist of the wrist. An optional add on also enables you to control when your filming begins and ends.

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App Control

Utilising the DJI Assistant app on your iOS or Android device allows you to customise your Ronin-MX's behavior. When the Ronin is connected to a lightbridge module you are also able to get a HD live feed to the DJI Go app, as you would on any of DJI's drones.

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What's In The Box:

  • DJI Ronin-MX

Required to Run:

  • Compatible Camera Unit