Unique Traxxas Technology & Abbreviations – TSM, OBA, iD & Link

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Traxxas models have some incredible unique features hidden behind some confusing names and abbreviations.  For example Traxxas technology like TSM, OBA, iD and Link.  What do they all refer to and what do they all do? This blog aims to introduce some that apply to their current range of models.

TSM : Traxxas Stability Managementtraxxas technology TSM

Possibly one of the most advanced systems we have seen on a ‘production’ model, Traxxas’ stability management system hooks into the steering and throttle system via the receiver and modulates them to assist user control.  Alongside improving cornering traction, this system allows full-throttle acceleration on low adhesion surfaces, avoiding the fishtailing and spinning normally associated with high powered RC models. On most models the TSM is adjustable in terms of its activity, via the multifunction dial on your transmitter; TSM never restricts throttle input. Traxxas have a  list of models that include TSM out of the box, and a great video showing the system in action :

Self Righting Traxxas Technology

Whilst not a ‘standalone’ technology, Traxxas ‘self righting’ is an innovative feature that helps get your truck back on its wheels without having to manually flip it over yourself. Its currently available on the X-Maxx, E-Maxx Brushless and the Stampede 4×4 VXL models that feature the TSM system. All you need to do is press the ‘set’ button on your transmitter and the vehicle will pulse the motor forward and back to throw itself back onto its wheels. You really need to see this in action :

OBA – On Board Audiotraxxas technology On board Audio

Many models are now available with Traxxas’ OBA, on board audio system. A small speaker box is mounted inside and linked to the speed controller allowing it to simulate the ‘real’ engine noise of the full scale vehicle. Its easier to understand this Traxxas technology when seeing and hearing it in action, like in the video below. A list of models that feature OBA out of the box is available on the Traxxas site here. Its a nice (if a tad gimmicky way) to get closer to the feel of the ‘full scale’ trucks and cars.

iD Power Systemid-logo

Traxxas employs high current connectors with built in balance plug leads to ensure your batteries are correctly managed when charging (when using a compatible iD charger). Its a solid, fool proof system, but does mean the stack of deans/XT60 cells you might have from other models are not compatible. A list of the models that feature it is available here. If you do not have an iD charger, a  LiPo adaptor lead is available or you can pick one up from us.

Traxxas LinkTraxxas TQi

The latest TQi compatible radio systems can be paired with a Traxxas Link Wireless Modules and sensors to provide wireless telemetry data to your Android or iOS device.  This data includes RPM, temperature, battery voltage and more! This Traxxas technology employs bluetooth to communicate with your smart device. The accompanying app allows you to view plenty of data from your model and also allows you to configure things like the multi-function knob on your transmitter. Learn more about the system here.

Where can I buy TSM?

You can get your hands on Traxxas technology like this on our manufacturer page. Some of the technologies listed (such as TSM) can be retrofitted to models by purchasing a new transmitter and receiver set. View our selection of Traxxas products here.



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