Our Top 5 Tiny Whoop Videos

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Tiny Whoop Top Videos

As more and more people get involved with Tiny Whoop flying, we are seeing an increase in quality videos appearing across the social media platforms. We think they are a great way to share the fun of the hobby, so we have put together a list of our Top 5 Tiny Whoop Videos. We count down through some of the office favourites and talk about what we think makes them great. Still unsure what a Tiny Whoop is? See our introductory blog here.

Creating and sharing your own Videos

There is no better way to explain the hobby, than to show it in action. But short of inviting your friends round to stare at a spare FPV monitor or goggles, it can be difficult to communicate the experience; That is where videos like these come into play.

One of our engineers Alex, recently took his Tiny Whoop on holiday and has put together this short edit of his escapades. There are several ways to make your own video and share it online. From a video recorded on some DVR enabled goggles uploaded to YouTube, to a full on ground-station streaming live to Facebook via a video capture device and laptop. We intend to guide you through the process in an upcoming blog!

Our Top 5 Tiny Whoop Videos

YouTube is awash with guides for constructing and modifying Tiny Whoop drones, but for the purposes of this blog we will be concentrating on the flight videos or races we found most entertaining.

#1 Tiny Whoop Inductrix Winter FPV Drone Racing

A simple head to head video tearing up someones apartment. We love the custom gates and the split screen view really demonstrates how close the craft can get to each other in Tiny Whoop racing!

#2 Tiny Whoop on steroids!

This Tiny Whoop has been lightly modified with a different battery and upgraded motors, but what we like most about this video is how much fun you can have in the average environment. Its all about tearing around the house and garden, shooting through small gaps and testing the pilots capabilities.

#3 Raw DVR from Dr. C Tiny Whooping the Hottest Course in Drone Racing (Hot Import Nights: Tampa 2016)

In what is potentially the ‘most valuable’ air gate setup we’ve ever seen, this video features the models and staff from hot import nights getting involved with an impromptu tiny whoop flight. It appears to be a small behind-the-scenes film from this event.

#4 TINY WARS / Mini DRONE STAR WARS chase / Tiny Whoop

If you have read our other Tiny Whoop blogs you will probably be familiar with this video. The piloting and video quality are great, but what really makes it stand out is the star wars graphics overlays and music.

#5 TINY WHOOP 2016 Micro Racing World Championships – Team BIG WHOOP – Inductrix FPV – Dronehaus 3.0

It doesn’t have the fanciest circuit (its literally filmed in someone’s house) but the lengths the creators have gone to, makes this video our stand out favourite. Not only does it have multi-camera split-screen views from each drone, but lap timers, lap counter overlays, comedy music and amusing commentary. It really shows how much fun you can have with the tech and your friends. These guys have a load of great videos and their channel is well worth checking out if you want inspiration for circuits, Tiny Whoop videos and the hobby in general.

Tiny Whooping – Get Involved

The FPV Blade Inductrix has proved popular, but perhaps not quite as much as our Makerfire range of Tiny Whoop’s which you can learn more about and even buy one here.

We have flown, crashed, repaired and flown a whole host of varieties to build up our expertise, so if you have any questions or requests about Tiny Whoop drones feel free to drop us a line; Either by phone, facebook or email!

Do you have any questions, or have you spotted errors in the article? Perhaps you have you own Tiny Whoop videos you want to share? We welcome feedback, so please leave us a message in the comment section below.



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