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RC Geeks Reddit Competition

With the slogan ‘front page of the internet’, Reddit is probably the world’s largest social news bulletin site and I am sure many of you have heard of or even used it at some point.

We teamed up with /r/multicopter, the most active multirotor community on Reddit with almost 26,000 users, to run an August competition.

The competition was titled ‘Do You Even Lift?’ and it challenged redditors to take photos or videos of their multimotors lifting random objects. What they chose to lift were entirely down to their creativity and the winners were chosen randomly to encourage entries from all users.


RC Geeks Reddit Competition


The competition ran for 2 weekends on this thread and had almost 40 entries. The entries ranged from funny to down right impressive with our favourite being a photo from the user ‘kubed_zero’ with his long exposure photo of a DJI Phantom carrying a 15ft LED strip.

DJI Phantom LED Painting Photo


All the entries were collated by Scott and his /r/multicopter moderator team and 3 random winners were picked on this thread.

We would like to congratulate the winners and thank all those who have entered the competition. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to not miss out on any future competitions.

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