The Radiolink Transmitter and Receiver Range

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Here in the office the Spektrum’s DX and Fr Sky’s Taranis ranges of transmitters have ruled the roost for quite some time; So we were intrigued to watch the recent rise in popularity for relatively new manufacturer Radiolink.

Offering full featured, quality transmission and receiver hardware at lower prices than the competition, makes them ideal for the budget conscious consumer. In this blog we take a first look introduction to the Radiolink products we are now stocking.

Radiolink AT10 II 10Ch transmitter with R12DS Receiver

First up we have the current top of the range, the AT10ii that some are calling the Taranis killer.

Radiolink AT10 ii transmitter receiver package

Available in metallic grey or orange, this 2.4Ghz ISM band transmitter/receiver pack is a the crown in their line up. Its dual high-gain antenna design has a maximum control distance of 4km(!) and has a lightening fast 3ms response time.

Radiolink AT10 ii receiver voltage telemetry

Along with the transmitter you get a R12DS receiver unit, the power return module for battery telemetry and a wiring harness. Multiple alarms are configurable on the AT10ii for low transmitter/model voltage, extended engine warning and more. Different audio alerts are excellent for informing you of a specific change in circumstances without having to look away from your model.

Radiolink AT10 ii transmitter right shoulder switches pots

This 10 channel transmitter is covered in dual and trinal rate switches, multiple knobs and levers and even a trainer port on the back.

Radiolink AT10 ii transmitter left shoulder switches pots

You can upgrade the on-board firmware via the micro USB plug in the side.

Radiolink AT10 ii transmitter usb ports

Settings and configuration are handled by the 16 colour, 320 x 480 pixel screen, navigated by the rotary dial, cursor and buttons on the front of the unit. This feels fairly ‘plastic’ (because it is) compared to the switchgear, but the action is solid enough to navigate the menus without issue.

Radiolink AT10 ii transmitter rotary input

Below I’ve taken a few snaps of some of the screen modes in operation, here we have the basic telemetry screen.

Radiolink AT10 ii colour lcd display telemetry

Next up the channel readouts.

Radiolink AT10 ii channel readout

Adjusting a custom throttle curve on the programmable mix control.

Radiolink AT10 ii mix control

The standard basic menu.

Radiolink AT10 ii lcd menu

The more advanced menu with adjustments for specific operations.

Radiolink AT10 ii lcd readout

I feel the only drawback in this controller is the lack of integral charging hardware, but the majority of users will doubtless opt to junk the AA battery carrier for a JST equipped LiPo for maximum run time. Its great to see that they have included anti-shortage circuitry to the JST header, meaning if you accidentally plug your battery in backwards it shouldn’t fry your transmitter.

Radiolink AT10 ii removable battery tray

The full exhaustive feature list reads as follows:

  • 10 channel Mode 2 TX/RX package (channels 5-10 customisable)
  • Measures 180 x 95 x 220mm
  • Weighs just 950g
  • Range of up to 4km (environment dependant)
  • 3.5 inch 320 x 480 pixel 16 colour display
  • SBUS, PPM and PWM support
  • Synchronous DSSS and FHSS for unmatched noise tolerance and 3ms latency for all channels
  • Real-time data telemetry
  • Suppports SBUS, PWM and PPM
  • Programmable mixing control
  • USB port allowing for firmware upgrades
  • Multiple alarms for safety
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band (2400MHz to 2483.5MHz)
  • Modulation mode: QPSK
  • Channel Bandwidth: 5Mhz
  • Spread Spectrum: DSSS and FHSS
  • Adjacent channel rejection: <100mW (20dBm)
  • Operating current: <105mA
  • Operating voltage: 7.4-15V

This Radiolink AT10 II 10Ch and receiver package is available now from our webstore.

Radiolink AT9S 9ch Transmitter with R9DS Receiver

The AT9S is the transmitter that most interested me when our Radiolink shipment first came in. Price wise, at a little over £100 it is in a sweet spot undercutting both Spektrum and FrSky’s products whilst offering more channels and impressive functionality.

Radiolink AT9S transmitter R9DS receiver package

It is well proportioned, measuring 183 x 100 x 193mm and its 880g weight (without battery) limits potential fatigue. As per the AT10ii it supports S-BUS, PPM and PWM signal.

Radiolink AT9S transmitter backIt includes the standard harness attachment point above the screen and the usual metal loop handle on the rear, just above the trainer port. Radiolink AT9S transmitter rear switches

With the included receiver you can expect 900m range on the ground or 1500m in the air (environment dependant).

Radiolink transmitter right shoulder switches

I’ll admit that the champagne colour isn’t for everyone, but the switches are plentiful and solid enough.

Radiolink AT9S transmitter left shoulder switches

The menu buttons and rotary controller are plastic but have a precise if not solid feel to their action. The 2.8inch 16 colour LCD display is bright enough to be seen clearly outdoors. I’ve shot some snaps of the displays but this isn’t an exhaustive drill down through all the options on this radio.

Radiolink AT9S transmitter lcd colour display

Hitting the mode switch will cycle through the various displays, for example below we have the readout for the channels.

Radiolink AT9S transmitter lcd channels

The UI is basic to look at but functional. You cycle through the options by spinning the wheel on the right and push it to alter a value.

Radiolink AT9S transmitter readout

Lastly we have the base telemetry screen, it shows you what you need to see with minimal fuss.

Radiolink AT9S transmitter telemetry

Radiolink opted to fit this unit with a vibrating alert system for haptic feedback. This is something that we will need to test as my preference is for different-sounding audio-alerts for different warnings, allowing you to understand the issue without referring to the screen.

Radiolink AT9S transmitter removable battery tray

As per the AT10ii the AA battery pack is removable, features the same anti-reverse plug and can be replaced by a 2-4S LiPo battery for maximum run time.

Further features include:

  • 9 Channel Tx (mode 2) & Rx package
  • QPSK modulation provides an excellent anti-interference performance (900 metres on the ground and 1500 metres in the air)
  • Real-time data telemetry
  • Suitable for all multicopters, boats and cars
  • MCU: STM32F103VET6
  • Chip: TI CC2533
  • Multilingual support : English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Turkish, Russian, Korean and Chinese.
  • Simultaneous support for S-BUS, PPM and PWM signals at the same time
  • 90mA operating current means an incredible low power consumption for the AT9S
  • You can use either 8 x AA batteries or a 2-4S LiPo battery and anti-polarity protection
  • There is a vibration alarm on the radio for low RSSI, low transmitter voltage, low receiver voltage and low battery voltage
  • Easy-to-use navigation menu
  • Upgrade by micro USB cable (not included)
  • Programmable MIX control
  • OSD telemetry module (PRM-02) compatible

This Radiolink AT9S 9ch Transmitter and receiver package is available now from our webstore.

RC4G 2.4GHz 4CH Transmitter/Receiver Combo

For those of you not interested in flying or who prefer a trigger-style transmitter, Radiolink have also provided us with a package suitable for surface based craft.

Radiolink RC4G transmitter controller with R4EH-G receiver

Its a 2.4Ghz, 4 channel pistol grip radio system; Feature rich with integrated gyro, ABS and more. This along with its 260m range and 10 model memory makes it ideal for use with all of your cars and boats. Despite its appearance it is ergonomically designed and comfortable in the hand, with smooth trigger and a dense foam wheel to grip for steering. On top of the transmitter is a backlit 128 x 640px LCD display used for configuring the controller.

Radiolink RC4G backlit lcd buttons ui menu

The gyro (built inside the receiver) makes it ideal for fitting to high powered rear wheel drive models that typically suffer from fishtailing and spinning on low adhesion surfaces. The counter-steering system comes already enabled but you can adjust the gain down (via the silver knob on the side of the transmitter) to effectively turn it off.

Radiolink RC4G in hand triggerDriver control is further aided with ABS braking. The fourth channel can be controlled by the silver push button, on the right hand side of the transmitter.

Radiolink RC4G battery tray removed LiPo

It can be powered by 4 x 1.5v AA batteries or (when removing the battery tray) a 2S to 4S lithium battery (with a JST plug) and features a charging port and low voltage alert (when dropping below 6.4v).

Radiolink RC4G back

Further features are listed below:

  • Large, back-lit LCD
  • End point adjustments
  • Sub trims
  • Reverse switch
  • Steering speed adjustment
  • Throttle and steering exponential
  • Simulator port
  • HV (High Voltage) Servo compatible
  • Fail safe
  • 12ms Response Time

If you are looking to upgrade your model with a stability control system then it is definitely worth looking at this combo, considering the cost of a branded gyro on its own. Separate receivers are also available if you wish to take advantage of the 10 model memory.

Radiolink RC4G transmitter side sticker

This Radiolink RC4G transmitter and receiver package is available now from our webstore.

Documentation, Manuals and Instruction Videos

Radiolink have opted to do away with paper manuals with their products, instead offering the documentation on a mini-cd. Understanding that this isn’t suitable for a lot of users we instead suggest that you access the latest manual revisions on their support website. Here you can also find useful fan-made setup videos.

Don’t delay. Order your Radiolink gear today!

The top of the range AT10 II 10Ch transmitter with R12DS Receiver package is available here, the more budget friendly AT9S 9ch Transmitter with R9DS Receiver package here; and finally the RC4G kit here. Alternatively you can browse the entire range of Radiolink products we stock including the standalone receivers such as the R12DS and R6DS, over on the Radiolink manufacturers page.

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Do you have any questions, or have you spotted errors in the article? Do you have any experience with Radiolink equipment? We welcome advice and feedback, so please leave us a message in the comment section below.



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