Q&A With DJI’s Michael Perry

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We recently had the chance to catch up with DJI’s Public Relations Manager, Michael Perry and ask a few questions.

RC Geeks: How many people are working for DJI?

Michael: We are growing rapidly to meet the increasing interest in our products. Our team is now more than 1,500 strong.

RC Geeks: We have customers using Phantoms to do everything from surveying damaged roofs to herding sheep. What is the quirkiest use you have heard of for a DJI multirotor?

Michael: In terms of quirky and unexpected uses, the sheep herding is certainly up there! Others that leap to mind include pilots that exercise their dogs by giving them a Phantom to chase, or the dad that pulled out his son’s baby tooth using a Phantom. But we’ve also spoken to several people that are doing really creative amazing things with their Phantoms. There’s a DJI pilot on the Isle of Jersey using his Phantom to create 3D models of the island’s landmarks and then uses a 3D printer to replicate the buildings in miniature.

RC Geeks: Many hobbyists in the UK are concerned about the future of amateur flight in our airspace. Some perhaps unfairly blame the accesibility of DJI products for putting powerful flying craft in the hands of amateurs. What is DJI doing to protect both the public and its customers from potential flight-bans/legal restrictions going forward?

Michael: We recognize that there are varying levels of awareness of safe flying practices across users. As a result, we are working to create more materials that improve the knowledge and skills of our users. In the meantime, we are also working with regulators to create a balanced approach that safely incorporates our platforms into existing airspace while keeping the skies open for experienced pilots. Our move to create safety zones restricting flight, take off and waypoint navigation with Phantoms around airports was one of the first steps towards this goal.

RC Geeks: We enjoyed the recent shell design contest, do DJI have plans for further user-generated competitions in the future?

Michael: We were thrilled to see the creativity and passion from the shell contest – which demonstrate. More contests will be coming soon!

RC Geeks: DJI has grown from 2 to 1500 employees in only 7 years (is this true?), how fast can it continue to grow?

Michael: Yes, that is true! We have been incredibly fortunate to receive the support of our customers. Our recognize that our future growth will be dependent on providing the best possible products to DJI fliers.



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