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Phantom 3 ND Filters

DJI have announced they are soon to be releasing ND filters for the Phantom 3.

The filters will reduce jello and increase the quality of your aerial imagery. They are easy to install and a great addition to your flight case.

Often used to reduce the amount of light that reflects off the ground, sky or water which alow for improved colours and contrast.

So far we know there will be 3 different types of filters released. TheND4, ND8 and ND16.

The ND4 has a transmission percentage of 25%/ passes through 1/4 of the incoming light and is equal to 2-stop filter strength.

The ND8 has a transmission percentage of 12.5%/passes through 1/8 of the incoming light and is equal to 3-stop filter strength.

The ND16 has a transmission percentage of 6.25%/passes through 1/16 of the incoming light andis equal to 4-stop filter strength.

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