Phantom 2 Vision Plus – Initial Unboxing

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Full Disclosure : We were sent this demo unit ahead of our initial order delivery. We believe this experience will be identical to the retail units arriving later this week.

Announced earlier this month, the Phantom 2 Vision Plus has landed at RC Geeks headquarters!


First up the box layout has been altered to a hinged front.





Inside is the now-familiar ‘egg-carton’ packaging.




Removing it from the outer box, we tore the now perforated paper ribbon and removed the lid.


Inside the craft sits ontop of its accessories. As per the later Phantom 2 Visions, this quad comes pre-stickered with the red stickers. In the above photo we have removed the yellow motor cards.


Emptying the carton onto the desk we are presented with the transmitter, the quadcopter, a box of propellers and the accessories box. The Phantom 2 Vision Plus also comes with Panasonic Alkaline AA batteries included.#


The transmitter is familiar to anyone who has used a Phantom 2 Vision. The smartphone/tablet holder and the wifi extender module now come pre-fitted (the former needing to swing round from its resting position).



Flipping it over we inserted the included AA batteries.


Before setting it to charge with a micro usb lead we had already connected to our computer.


The quadcopter comes with two complete sets of propellers, sealed in pairs and placed inside a box.


Onto the accessories box. DJI have revised the packaging here with three internal boxes of goodies.


We had a peek inside of the small accessories box. Here we have the new-look prop spanner, 4 x spare anti-vibration mounts, 2 x spare anti-drop mounts, 4 x foam landing pads, 2 x strips of micropore tape for securing wires, a bag of 5 x M3.0 x 8mm hex screws and a bag of 6 x M3.0 x 5mm cross-head screws.


Next up is the charger box, containing the DC adapter, AC cables for british 3-pin and european 2-pin plugs and a micro-USB cable for charging the range extender.


The manuals box contains the usual quick start guide, a full printed manual, disclaimer booklet and stickers. It also includes a basic training guide.


Externally the body appears identical to other Phantom 2’s and it shares the same batteries and startup procedure.


Underneath the craft is the all new 3-axis brushless gimbal. Attached with anti-vibration rubber mounts, ours came with two anti-drop plugs already installed. Several ribbon cables head back into the craft through the large hole that is found front-center on the revised Phantom 2 body.


Its time to prepare the quadcopter for flight. The gimbal comes with a transit-lockout clip to stop the camera knocking around when being transported around. This is removed by squeezing it and pulling it out of the side. The revised camera also comes with a clear lens cap that slides on the front.


Next we attached the self-tightening propellers, black topped ones fitting onto the ‘dotted’ motors and tightened (by hand) with an anti-clockwise spin.


Then the silver ones on the silver topped motors with a clock-wise spin.


As shown previously, the accessories box comes with a prop spanner to assist you removing props.


We turn the transmitter on, the range-extender on and finally the craft on. We already have the Vision application installed on a Nexus 5 and that is clipped into place on the transmitter.


With the smartphone connected to the range-extender we activate the camera. Note the new battery indicator for the range extender on the right hand side of the screen.


Finally a quick look at the radar overlay showing a red ring at the 600m range.


We head outside and perform a quick compass calibration before taking to the air for our first flight. This photo was taken towards the end of the flight, thus the red power warning indicators on the craft arms.

Further testing will be performed over the next few days with our Phantom Vision 2 Plus and we will report back our findings. If you want to know anything in particular, just ask us in the comments section below!




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