Modifli Drone Skins – RC Geeks Hands-On Review

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White Mavic in Flight

Modifli is a new, UK based brand that provides stylish, high-quality skins/wraps for DJI drones. Their key focus is on the quality of their products, which sets them apart from all other decal/sticker companies we’ve come across. In this article, we’ll explore why we think this particular company is way above its competitors.

White Mavic Topdown

Why Modifli Wraps?

Since the early days of consumer-level drones, owners have been coming up with all sorts of creative ways to customise their drones and make them stand out from the rest. Vinyl wraps have proved a popular method, but previous manufacturers have repeatedly failed to make products durable enough to withstand the conditions that drones are subject to – let alone survive the added force applied from the propellers. Past products seem to have lacked strong, durable enough materials and seemed to completely forgo quality control.
It’s time for that to change – introducing Modifli. Modifli are an emerging brand, breaking through the current quality ceiling for drone vinyls. Plus,


Product Range

Modifli produce skins for the DJI Spark, DJI Mavic Pro (standard and platinum edition) and the DJI Mavic Air.
Each finish comes with 2 options, the basic drone wrap – which will wrap the entire body of your drone, the arms and 1 battery. Or the Propwrap™ Combo, which comes with an extra 2 battery wraps and Modifli’s Propwrap™ technology propeller skins, ensuring that the stickers will withstand the forces applied to them during flight.
They are currently offering 13 finishes across 3 different collections (styles). Which are as follows:


3M™ Adhesive

Modifli exclusively use industry leading 3M™ materials to ensure that their decals provide only the highest level of protection for your drone. The high-quality adhesive allows the skin to be removed and re-positioned throughout the application process – alleviating the pressure on yourself, and allowing any first-timer to easily wrap their drone. Furthermore, the 3M™ wrap used is actually the same material that is used to professionally wrap cars – proving that it will certainly stand the test of time and provide your drone with protection from cosmetic damage. If all of that’s not enough, Modifli offer an outstanding lifetime warranty on all of their vinyl wraps!

We have been upset in the past, as other manufacturers have seemed to cut corners on material quality, meaning that the decals would peel off over time, or as a result of UV exposure. So much so that we have never felt able to put our name behind another company, or sell other decals. However, Modifli have surprised us, in a very good way, with the sheer quality of their wraps. Due to this, we are proud to announce that RC Geeks will be stocking the full Modifli range.

Extensive Coverage and Added Protection

Unlike other brands, Modifli skins actually cover the majority of the drone rather than just the main surfaces, the underside of the drone is the only large patch which is left uncovered – but this is to allow the downward-facing sensors to work, and the metal heat sink to wick heat away from the drone itself. This design makes for a more uniform coverage of your drone and adds additional protection from day to day scuffs and scratches.

Modifli pride themselves in their Propwrap™ technology. A new design, the first of its kind, which allows the propellers of your drone to also be wrapped. The ultra-thin, but super sticky decals ensure that the drone still flies exactly the same, and that the stickers themselves never come off. We were astounded when testing their Propwrap™ decals on our Mavic, we’ve flown for around 10 hours with the stickers on and had absolutely no issues! The drone still flies exactly the same, and the stickers are still well and truly attached. Plus, the drone looks way cooler from the ground…

Mavic On Ground

More Than Just Looks

The materials that Modifli use allow them to actually provide a physical texture to their wraps. For example, the carbon style skins actually feel like real woven carbon fibre – which really brings the design alive in your hands.

Whether you have a company colour scheme you’d like your drone to follow, or you just want to make your drone different to the rest – Modifli vinyls give your drone character and make it easy to identify. Further to this, the lighter-coloured Modifli decals provide a more reflective surface – enabling much safer flight in low light.

Easy To Apply

If you’ve ever put cheap decals on your drone, a screen protector on your phone, or just about any sticker on anything – you’ll know just how frustrating it can be to get them to line up in the perfect position. That’s why Modifli has provided alignment guidelines and a detailed instruction manual to help you through the process. Furthermore, their in-depth application videos and adjustable stickers make the whole process an ease.

See the range and fitting guides on Modifli’s website.

Modifli – Now Available at RC Geeks

Head over to our website now and check out the Modifli Range.



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